Here’s 4 Exquisite Ways To Include Compound Butter In Cooking
Image Credit: Steak with compound butter

Compound butter or beurre compose, as it is more commonly known in French, is essentially unsalted butter blended with an array of herbs and seasonings. Typically used to finish basting minute steaks or escargots, it is an explosion of flavour that elevates the dish. Typical flavouring agents include garlic, anchovies, lemon zest for savoury dishes and more recently honey, vanilla and brown sugar for sweet butters.

Packed with flavour, cooking with savoury compound butters could benefit meat, fish and vegetables greatly. With endless flavour combinations to experiment with, savoury butters are ideal to pair with one too many dishes and diversify its use beyond a fine dine experience. We’ve made a list of four lip-smacking ways in which compound butters can be incorporated into your kitchen and increase your credibility as a kitchen wizard. Here’s how:

A rosemary or basil flavoured butter with garlic, lemon zest and sea salt works wonders when applied beneath the skin and left to roast as it makes the meat juicy and tender. You could also experiment with herbs like sage, thyme or fresh oregano combined with orange zest for a citrusy punch of flavour in the chicken.


Herbed Butter Dip

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Of course, you could create one of those trending butter boards but nothing beats the joy of breaking a piece of crusty bread and dunking into a simple bowl of softened herb-chilli butter with an umami hit from some parmesan cheese. The butter shouldn’t be too cold or too soft and just the right consistency to spoon on top of the bread for a luscious mouthfeel.

Butter Sauce

Although melting compound butter may not necessarily qualify as a sauce, mixing it with a bit of starchy pasta water or cream gives it a beautiful, silken texture than envelopes pasta or grilled fish. You can also use this butter sauce to coat roast or baked potatoes or steep vegetables in them for an added bit of indulgence.

Dessert Butter

Imagine a warm brownie or freshly baked cookies topped with a cinnamon-sugar butter. Feeling naughty? Add some brandy or rum to yours and serve alongside puddings or pies. Sweet compound butters also sit in the fridge longer and can be used to spruce up French toasts, waffles and pancakes.