Here Is How You Can Have White Rice In A Healthier Way
Image Credit: You can definitely increase the nutritional value of white rice

Whenever we plan of following a diet, the first thing we think to get rid of is white rice. This is because we have a common conception in mind that white rice is high in calories and carbohydrate content. It may sound like a bluff but you can actually make white rice in a healthier way. Yes, you read that right. You can definitely increase the nutritional value of white rice and can efficiently manage your weight just by following simple steps. 

Though white rice may have a bad reputation, it is also claimed by some studies that the right way of eating white rice can result in boosting metabolism and improving the nutritional level of the food. Since we have talked so much bad about white rice, let us talk about some of its benefits. As per some experts, rice grains are gluten-free and thus are easy to digest. Moreover, white rice is also rich in vitamins and minerals. But eating excessive white rice definitely can lead to weight gain. Let us tell you how you can have white rice in a healthier way. 

Way of Cooking 

Now the easiest way in which we can cut off the high calorie and carbohydrate content is by cooking the rice in the right and of course healthier way. It is advisable to soak rice for a few hours, boil and then discard the water. Letting the water get absorbed in the rice might not be healthier for us. Thus, it is beneficial to drain out the water and have a healthier version of our beloved white rice. 

Adding high-fiber vegetables 

We know you already do it but another easiest way to boost the nutritional value of a rice dish is to have it with fresh and high-fiber vegetables. Teaming up the cooked rice with fresh vegetables is the best way to make the meal delicious as well as healthy. Moreover (you are going to love this tip), you can also add cumin seeds to your steamed rice for better health benefits. This is because cumin has been known for controlling blood pressure and sugar levels apart from adding a distinct taste and aroma to a dish. One should avoid adding carbohydrates and fats to the meal.  

Right proportion of eating 

You can always cook the rice in a proper way and have it with fresh and healthy vegetables but it won’t help much until you keep having rice at frequent intervals that too in large quantities. It is very essential to be vigilant about the proportion of rice you have. In order to boost up its nutritional value, it is very important to have rice in small portions and not at frequent intervals. Trust me, this tip is going to change your conception about white rice. 

With these three simple ways, you can have white rice without worrying about your weight gain. It may sound like something unbelievable but before jumping to a conclusion, you should try following these steps. Let us know which worked the best for you. 

Enjoy !