Here Is A List Of Some Must Try Memoni Dishes

Memoni, the more unique their culinary is, the more amazing their name sounds, and it is simply AMAZING. In the unlikely event that you are a Memon and have tried such foods, you would have chosen them over pizza. Additionally, if you are not a memon and have never tried any of these dishes, you must find a memon friend who can treat you to these rare dishes. 

Historically, memons have been global traders who have travelled for business. The Memoni cuisine reflects these journeys and mixes many cuisines from throughout the world. There are dishes like Khao Suey, a noodle soup with egg noodles, curried beef or chicken, and coconut milk that is served with a variety of contrasting condiments, and Dhokray, a seasonal vegetable stew with pearl millet dumplings and a side of fried fish that is enjoyed with your hands while sitting on the dastarkhwan, the Pakistani equivalent of a majlis/floor seating. 


An intriguing-sounding meal that the Memon and Gujarati ethnic groups consider to be a must-eat. The origins of this cuisine come from Burma, where a thriving network of people from the sub-mainland existed in the past due to documented trading relationships. Khausey is so excellent that it has gained widespread popularity. You are just astounded by the sheer quantity of tastes in one bowl of delicious noodles with curry and meat topped with a variety of ingredients including brown onions, chat masala, lemon juice, thins chips, plain chips, and even papri. 

Khatti Dal 

The food most Memon Networks love is khatti dal. It tastes fantastic! It's absolutely overwhelming to have lunch with khatti dal and fricasseed meat. The tadka that adds to khatti dal gives the dish a lovely aroma that only serves to heighten its allure. 

Memoni Dhokrey 

Another delicious winter dish, this one is more akin to a vegetable stew because it's made with a variety of veggies and herbs but also has flour dumplings. To comprehend what you are missing, you should try this at least once in life. 

Hara Lehsun 

This is by far the least interesting food on the list, which distinguishes memoni dishes from other cuisines. In addition to getting your clothing ready, make sure you learn how to make lehsun, another popular winter food. Lehsun, which is overflowing with season, is nothing more than pure garlic scapes combined with crushed bajra roti to make baingan ka bhurta. You will adore it after just one bite. Yogurt and cooked eggplant are given with it. 

Bajrey ke Pakore 

Bajra flour pakoras are a common dish in Memon cuisine. An absolute must-have item for any common occasion. Instead of using gram flour, these pakoras are cooked with mince and bajray ka aata. Diverse flavours layered with depth, these pakoras are a divine substitute for any regular pakoras because they are very nutritious and very soft. 

Gur Papri 

Due to the several additions it contains that are known to strengthen the spine after work, Gur Papri is frequently prepared in the Memon family during the winter, during pregnancy, and after work. This sweet treat was created with edible gum, flour, gur, and a tons of other dry natural ingredients. 


Those of you who have never considered this are in for a treat. Akhni is Memon pulao, but darker and spicier. Akhni is cooked with black cumin seeds, curry leaves, red pepper flakes, and tomatoes and is prepared similarly to pulao. Lamb or chicken can be used to make akhni, and potatoes are occasionally used. Starting in India, the recipe got around a reasonable chunk before moving on to Malawi and now the UK. memoni