Try These Makha's To Add Flavour To Your Mundane Meal
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A makha is type of the dish that sees mashing, muddling, mixing mostly with some green chillies, onions and raw mustard oil along with some salt. One of the most comforting dish, this one is hassle free and the best part being all the nutrients of the dish stays totally intact. Makha-makhi has always been a style in Bengali eating technique. This culinary technique give a much rustic texture to the dish. The rnage of makha in Bengali cuisine is pretty diverse. 

Here are few interesting ones that one can easily make at home.     

Maach Makha-

This dish Bengali dish that sees the use Rui or Katla fish is surely rich and healthy way to have fish. This out of the box recipe that sees the taste of mustard oil overpowering over anything else, Oil is the main key taste enhancing ingredient. With few chopped Onion, tomato, cilantro added to boiled and deboned fish, with all ingredients mixed together and made in a hearty makha mix is really tasty. The belly pieces work better for this dish as it sees less bones. If you want the dish to be a little extra rich then you can also fry the fish. 

Batabi lebu Makha-

Batabi lebu or Pomelo lemon is rich citrus fruit that rich in vitamin C and has a strong aroma. This one has a lot of health benefits too. An interesting way to have this fruit is as a makha. This Bengali way of having Batabi lebu is a perfect snack to enjoy in afternoon. Good for your good for our skin, hair and high in potassium, the makha a hearty mix of salt, coriander leaves, sugar mixed with the lemon and served as a salad.  

Chingri Makha

This Bengali style prawn mish mash is nothing ordinary. This humble dish  sees a good dose of prawns, onion, green chillies and more. The raw mustard oil adds that extra zing of flavours. This way of having chingri is really unique. Big or medium or even kucho chingri (very small prawns) sized prawns are boiled and then mixed with all ingredients and paired with some rice this dish taste awesome. This so called Bengali style salad is absolutely classy and delectable.