918Kg Khichdi And More: 10 Food Based Guinness World Records
Image Credit: Sanjeev Kapoor led a team of 50 people to make 918kgs of khichdi | Freepik

Food is a universal language that brings people together and often leads to incredible feats. Cooking and eating are works of passion, and when that translates into records, it is often fascinating. The Guinness World Records have witnessed some truly astonishing accomplishments in the culinary world. From the largest pizzas to the most massive burgers to the most expensive foods, these records showcase the incredible creativity, dedication, and passion of individuals and communities around the globe.

While most Guinness World Records are incredible, some of them related to food will genuinely blow your mind. Get ready to learn more about the fascinating world of food and cooking. Here are 10 unique records that will leave you both amazed and hungry for more.

Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten In A Lifetime

All of us love burgers, especially when they are from McDonald’s. So, if counted completely, throughout your lifetime, how many burgers would you have had from the chain? 200? 500? 5,000 if you are addicted to those burgers? And maybe 10,000 if you have been having a burger every day for more than 27 years? Donald Gorske from the USA has had 33400 big mac burgers in his lifetime! Beat that!

Most Pubs Visited

Bruce Masters from the UK has visited 46,495 pubs and drinking places throughout his lifetime. So, the next time you call yourself a party animal for going out on a weekend, know that a man in Britain was spending every minute of his life visiting pubs and drinking beer!

The World’s Heaviest Carrot

Who would have thought that a carrot grown in the backyard of a house could double as a dumbbell? Well, if the said carrot weighs 10.17 kilograms, the chances of that happening are pretty high, right? So, the record for the heaviest carrot in the world belongs to Christopher Qualley of the USA.

Longest Noodles

China can never be underestimated when it comes to world records. So, when we talk about the longest noodles made in the world, we must go and look at the 3,084.32-metre-long one made by Xiangnian Food Co. Ltd. The record has stayed intact since 2017.

Fastest Time To Eat A Burrito

If your name is not Leah Shutkever, you are simply not the biggest burrito fan in the world. The woman from the UK created a world record by eating an entire burrito in 35.26 seconds, and that is a record that is going to be pretty difficult to break.

The Largest Blown Bubble From A Bubble-Gum 

Have you had bubble-gum blow-up competitions as kids? Chad Fell of Alabama blew up a bubble-gum in 2004 that would remain a record for the next two decades and counting. With a diameter of 20 inches, this giant bubble has managed to remain a unique and untouched record to date.

Most Number Of Burgers Cooked In One Hour

In 2014, a team from Tuggers Takeaway in Australia set a sizzling record by cooking a whopping 917 burgers in just one hour. This culinary feat showcased their speed and efficiency in the kitchen, turning out perfectly cooked burgers at a rate of 15 burgers per minute. Flash, who? Its Tuggers Takeaway for the Win!

The Most Ice Cream Scoops Balanced On A Cone

Balancing scoops of ice cream can be a tricky task, but Dimitri Panciera from Italy managed to stack an astonishing 125 scoops on a single cone in 2018, setting a record that's sure to make anyone scream for ice cream. So, the next time you worry about your work-life balance, remember that if Dimitri can do it, so can you!

Largest Collection Of Pizza Boxes

Do you think of yourself as a collector? Do you save post cards, coins, or bills from restaurants? Somebody has trumped you in collecting pizza boxes. Yes! In 2013, Scott Wiener from the United States achieved the record for the largest collection of pizza boxes. He had amassed an astonishing 595 unique pizza boxes from around the world, showcasing the diversity of this beloved food. 

918 Kgs Of Khichdi

How can we finish this list without listing India's very own unique world record, led by none other than Chef Sanjeev Kapoor? During the World Food India event, a team of 50 people led by Sanjeev Kapoor, in a joint effort with Akshaya Patra, cooked 918 kilograms of khichdi, beating the initial target of 800 kilograms.