Have You Heard Of These Amazing Food Records, Yet?
Image Credit: Unique Food Records (foodandwine.com)

I’m a foodie, and I like to taste different foods. But my criteria for judging a dish’s creativity is quite different. But do you know many such people often want to take their love for food to the next level? For this, they also do some very unique things. People may not understand that initially, but later these things create a record and make a mark on a global scale. One such platform is the Guinness Book of World Records, which recognises every unique record made worldwide. Many bizarre world records also make it to the Guinness Book of Records. This article tells you about some such crazy food world records beyond the commoner’s thinking.

Fastest time to eat at McDonald’s, Big Mac

We all like McDonald’s burgers but not like American citizen Donald Gorske, who is far ahead in this matter. Because of his love for the big mac, he set the world record not once but twice. In 2021, a new Guinness World Record was created by Gorske. He ate an average of two big mac burgers each day, along with more than 32,000 big macs. However, this was not Gorske’s first record. Even before this, he had made a Guinness World Record in 1999, but recently he broke his record and set a challenging goal for all mac lovers.

Balancing scoops on an ice cream cone

This is a world record, knowing which may make your mouth water. In fact, in 2018, a man named Dimitri Panciera from Italy balanced 125 ice cream scoops on a single ice cream cone. Dimitri made this record on the 'La Notte dei Record' set in Rome, Italy. However, it was interesting to mention that this was not his first record. Earlier in 2013, he had kept 85 ice cream scoops on a cone. So, in this way, he broke his new world record.

Fastest time to eat a burrito

Have you ever tasted a burrito? This is one of the Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes made by adding various ingredients to the tortilla. But no matter how much you love a burrito, you can’t get past Leah Shutkever. UK-based Leah has set the Guinness Book of World Records for eating the fastest burrito ever. She finished in just 35.26 seconds, and this is a food record for the quickest burrito eaten ever.

Most meatballs eaten

Do you know that Japanese Takeru Kobayashi set a new record with the help of his food love? In fact, in March 2010, Kobayashi ate 29 meatballs in 60 seconds, i.e. one meatball every two seconds. As a result, he got his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.