‘Heart Attack Chhole Kulche’ Is The New Bizarre Food Trend On The Internet
Image Credit: Source: lets_freeze_the_pal/Instagram

If you are a Delhiite or among people who visit the city every now and then, it’s needless to elaborate on the national capital’s love for street food and the extensive fare on offer in every gully and neighbourhood. The rich, robust and lip-smacking flavours that the streets of Delhi have in store are truly incomparable. When I first came to the city, to explore these varied roadside dishes was among my top priorities. And I also found out that the hype around the city’s favourite chhole-kulche combination is worth it. 

The delicious chhole along with the pillowy kulchas and pickles on the side comprised the first meal to tug at my heartstrings in Delhi. Even to this day, I cannot forget the taste of that scrumptious meal. And this is how that one plate of chhole kulche made Lajpat Nagar my regular go-to food destination.

Then came the weird food trends that are not sparing the culinary delights, let alone our comfort foods. Let’s talk about the latest video that’s making the rounds on the internet - the ‘heart attack chhole kulche’.

Posted by a food blogger on his Instagram handle, a street food vendor in Delhi was seen selling the ‘heart attack chhole kulche’. Just like the ‘heart attack burger’, which also turned heads on social media a few days ago, the ‘heart attack chhole kulche’ is prepared using heaps of butter. The vendor not only adds butter while making the chhole but also adds a tablespoon while serving it to his customers. He then fries the kulchas in butter and serves them with the chhole.

Ever since the video has been uploaded, it has garnered around 340k views, over 22k likes and hundreds of comments. Netizens are hesitating a bit while commenting on  the video. Most of them are concerned about the deteriorating quality of street food. A user said, “How to kill people 100 way : 1st heart attack chole kulche... For friends, dur kai rishte daar, boss etc😂😂 (sic)”, while another said, “Itna makkhan doge toh aayega hi heart attack (sic)”.

Would you dare to eat this heart attack chhole kulche? Do let us know.