4 Easy Tips To Extend Shelf Life Of Your Baked Goodies
Image Credit: Image: PIxabay

While biting into a decadent piece of cake feels heavenly, baking it can be a cumbersome task - one that is not as easy as it looks from the outside. That is one reason many of us often resort to ordering in when craving a baked treat. We often avoid baking anything at home, simply because our past baking experiences may not have gone well. 

We usually do not think about the effort and energy that go into a slice of that gooey chocolate cake, a fudgy brownie or a crunchy cookie, which takes just a few minutes to finish off. But if you are a baker or a baking enthusiast, you know that the struggle is real. That said, once you have them ready, the sheer joy of indulging in these treats is unmatched. Making that from scratch is a tough feat to achieve easily, and more than that to store the treat properly is a task too. 

Baked foods tend to turn dry, mouldy or hard within a day, and we do not want to let that decadent piece go to waste. And with simple hacks and tricks, we can keep that fresh for long. So, how do we store them properly? Here we have got you some simple tips and tricks that would extend the shelf life of your baked goods, so you can indulge in it for longer time.  

1. Keep it in the freezer  

Putting dessert or baked goods in the refrigerator is one thing we all know about. But did you know that keeping them in freezer can also help you extend the shelf life of decadent delicacies? Besides, make sure to limit their exposure to air and tightly wrap them in a plastic wrap or foil, and then store them in a sealed plastic bag.  

2. Add honey to the recipe

A natural sweetener loaded with numerous benefits, honey can be your best friend when it comes to baking. Not only is it a great alternative to your regular processed sugar, but the high acid content of honey also helps inhibit mold growth. Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of honey to your recipe or replace it with sugar completely.

3. Add cinnamon to it  

Cinnamon is one ingredient that is extensively used in baked goods. The aroma of it is just so comforting, isn’t it? Besides lending a soul-soothing aroma and flavour, the spice also prevents it from developing mould or becoming hard. You can just add a pinch of cinnamon to your next recipe and extend the life of your baked goods.

4. Cover it with a cake dome  

Have a frosted or decorated cake with icing to save? Simply cover and keep it in a cake dome. You can also turn a large mixing bowl upside down and cover them with it. This would ensure that the frosting doesn’t get messed up, while also retaining its moisture.