Heard Of Malt Milk? Know Why Is It Healthy

You must have heard of malt milk. Some may think malt milk is used in making candies and baked goods. Generally, it is used for enhancing the flavours of baked goods, ice creams, and candies. But it can be much useful. Made from wheat flour, milk powder, and malted barley, malt milk can benefit health in so many ways than you can ever think. It is considered quite beneficial for pregnant women. Malt milk is high in vitamin D, calcium and so many other nutrients. If you are thinking that malted barley is regular barley, you are wrong. Malted barley is the barley soaked for 4 to 5 days and sprouted. Malted barley is also used for making beer.  

Do you know who invented it? Malted was invented by a food manufacturer William Horlick in 1873. Does the name look familiar to you? This is because William and his brother had also started a popular nutritional supplement brand to sell malted milk ‘Horlicks’ which is quite famous in the Indian market. Let us tell you that malted milk was developed in the first place for infants but was later proved to have more nutritional values for adults Like we have already told you that malt milk is healthy, let us know more health benefits that it offers. 

High In Protein Content 

Malted milk is capable of providing the right amount of protein to the body. Protein is extremely beneficial for the body. It can help in repairing and building tissues, muscles, and cells. 

Good For Bone Strength 

High in vitamin D, malted milk is considered beneficial for bone health. It also provides the right amount of phosphorus and calcium to the body and can build up bone health.  

Boosts Energy 

Malted milk has a high content of vitamin C, niacin, iron, and riboflavin. All these vitamins can provide the right amount of carbs, fat, and protein to the body. Thus, it can boost energy levels.  

Good For Skin And Eye Sight 

Malted milk has a good amount of riboflavin also known as vitamin B2. This is one such nutrient that is very beneficial for the body. Not just it helps in maintain clear and healthy skin, but it can also promote better eye health.  

Beneficial For Blood Health 

Apart from riboflavin, malted also contains a good amount of iron which ensures the proper functioning of the body’s blood system. It also works as a blood fortifier, thanks to its high iron content. 

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