Healthy Tomato Recipes For Lunch
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Although tomato is technically a fruit, that is not how it is most frequently used or consumed. It originates in South America and is known by the scientific name Solanum Lycopersicum. Both cooked and raw versions are eaten. In India, tomatoes are the main ingredient in a wide variety of dishes, including classic curries, dals, salads, chutneys, and more. Tomatoes are the foundation of innumerable cuisines all across the world, not only in India. Tomatoes are one of the most often used ingredients in all home kitchens and are consumed globally. Tomatoes are used for more reasons than just their sour flavour; they also provide a number of health advantages.

Here are two healthy tomato recipes that will make your day-

tomato chokha/

This meal, which originates from Northern India, is simple to prepare and tasty thanks to its tart but spicy flavour.


1. Tomatoes 5-6

2. Green chillies 2-3

3. Garlic 3-4 cloves

4. Mustard oil


On a direct flame, roast the tomatoes, peppers, and garlic until the skin has some black patches, being careful not to burn them entirely. The skin of the tomatoes, chillies, and garlic is peeled when they have been thoroughly roasted and have acquired a smokey flavour. Now blend them all after roughly chopping them. As desired, season with salt. The finishing touch is to drizzle liberal amounts of mustard oil over it. Serve as a side dish to your dinner or with litti or rice.

Pizza sauce

Is anyone who doesn't like pizza? Pizza is frequently criticised since it is mass-produced junk food with significant health risks. But we all know that the hunger for pizza won't go away when you're feeling extravagant. Pizza sauce is regarded to be the secret to a wonderful pizza. Making your own healthy pizza sauce allows you to avoid preservatives and canned or packaged sauces. Therefore, eating pizza won't make you feel that bad!


1. Tomatoes 5-6

2. Onion 2pcs

3. Garlic 10-12 cloves

4. Oregano

5. Chilli flakes

6. Vinegar

7. Olive oil


Olive oil and finely sliced garlic should be added to a hot skillet and cooked until the raw scent has disappeared. Now add some finely chopped onions to this and simmer until they become transparent. Once the onions and garlic are softened, add the finely diced tomatoes, and salt, and continue to simmer over low heat until the mixture is fully mushy. Even though it could take longer, slow cooking will produce the greatest results. Add your oregano, chilli flakes, and vinegar after turning off the heat. To change the pizza sauce's consistency, add extra olive oil.