4 Healthy And Tasty Snack Ideas For New Year's Tea Party
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High teas have been an exciting concept, and this new year with all the limitations, it’s best to hold a High tea party. The usual tea parties see samosas and pakoras are usually served as snacks, but let’s change the menu with some healthy and tasty snacks. All you need is to think a little differently. So, today let us introduce you to some delicious and nutritious snacks, which can become the life of your new year's tea party.

Masala idli

We all know that idli is perfect for health, but it doesn't need to be with sambar every time. For example, you can serve masala idli at a tea party. It's tasty, healthy and effortless to make. However, you can prepare the idli in the morning itself, and then during the party, you can fry it with masala idli instantly. This is a very delicious recipe that everyone will love.


A sandwich is a good option if you want to serve a light and healthy snack with evening tea. You can use whole wheat bread instead of white bread to make it even more nutritious. Apart from this, you can make it tasty and healthy by adding green chutney and many types of vegetables.

Mixed nuts

If you are health conscious, mixed nuts like almonds, makhana, cashew, pistachio etc., which can also be served in snacks. Many nutrients present in it benefit you from head to feet. This will help you cherish your evening tea and make you feel fuller for a more extended period.

Corn and sprouts

Corn and sprouts are a healthy combination that can efficiently serve as a tea-time snack. Firstly, you need to put corn and sprouts in a bowl, add cherry tomatoes and green chillies. Also, adding lemon can give it a savoury or salty taste.

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