Healthy Snacking Is On The Mind Of These Celebrities
Image Credit: Pexels.

The summers can be relentless on everyone. To cope with the blazing hot weather it is essential to ensure that we stay well hydrated throughout the day. An extremely important aspect of staying healthy is eating healthy too. In this fast paced life, it becomes difficult to squeeze in some room for an elaborate meal. However, if we develop the habit of healthy snacking every two hours in a day, our metabolism and health will benefit. The stars are already in on this secret and therefore you can spot many celebrities posting photos of their healthy snacks on Instagram. Apart from their rigorous fitness routines, these celebrities make sure that they keep munching on healthy bites, in order to keep the hunger pangs away. 

Anushka Sharma loves to indulge in a cheat meal every once in awhile. Every now and then you can spot a chocolate cake or a cheese-dripping pizza on this actress’s Instagram story. However, even Anushka starts her day with a fresh bowl of seasonal fruits. In fact Anushka has many a times spoken about how she is in to eating healthy snacks all round the day. Anushka recently took to her social media to post a story of assorted fresh fruits. Anushka was sitting on a sea side table and eating the fruits. The actress captioned the photo, “Start healthy end the other way,” joking about the sudden impulse to break her diet by the end of the day. 

Credit: Anushka Sharma's Instagram

Another actor who is hugely in to fitness and clean eating is Milind Soman. Milind believes in an active lifestyle and can often be spotted running marathons at the age of 56 years. In fact, Milind’s mother Usha Soman who is 83 years old, is an inspiration to everyone as she too leads an active life, often cycling and doing push-ups as part of her exercise routine. Milind’s wife Ankita Konwar is no different than the others in the family. Food is an integral ingredient of an active lifestyle. Milind often posts about the various fruits that he eats every morning. Recently he posted photos of watermelon pieces to his Instagram story. Milind also has taken to social media to talk about the healthy snacks he consumes throughout the day. In the summers, Milind likes to eat a lot of seasonal fruits, as that keeps him hydrated, while Ankita likes to drink coconut water and eat fruits too. 

Credit: Pexels and Milind Soman's Instagram.

When it comes to healthy snacking, how can we not talk about actress Vaani Kapoor? From smoothie bowls to almonds - the diva has aced the art of healthy eating. Vaani is a foodie and leave it to a foodie to revamp boring diet food in to an interesting meal. Vaani posted about a healthy thin crust pizza recently (read here). Of late she even posted a photo grasping a handful of raisins or kishmish to her social media. The actress captioned the photo, ‘healthy snacking.’ Nuts and raisins are a great low calorie snack to keep munching thorough the day. Many seasonal fruits and vegetables can be converted in to tasty healthy snacks and who better to take inspiration from than these stars? Read here to know more about the healthy snack Malaika Arora has been eating lately.

Credit: Vaani Kapoor's Instagram.