Healthy Indulgence: Make Air-Fryer Mawa Gujiya And Jowar Mathri

It is a common perception that most Indian foods are fried and decadent. Samosa, mathri, gujiya and similar snacks are an intrinsic part of lives now. Can you imagine a festival or a gathering or a simple train journey without munching on the same, we certainly can’t. And while yes, they are deep-fried and laden with calories, but we simply cannot eliminate them from our lives. The solution then? Cut down on oil. That’s right, you can make your snacks just as crispy and delicious with bare minimum oil. Intrigued much?  

 The wide range of Glen Air Fryers allows you to fry, bake, roast & grill conveniently using minimal or no oil. For instance, Glen Rapid Fryers SA 3041 (2.8L) and SA 3043 (3.2L) comes with 30 minute adjustable timer and temperature control upto 200°C that can be set according to the dish being prepared. With powerful motor for swift hot air circulation technology for faster, crispy & tender frying, these fryers help to reduce the fat upto 80%. 

Then there is an option of fryer having large 5.5 Litre capacity suitable for medium to large sized families. The Glen SA 3047 Digital Fryer has digital controls and 8 preset menus for quick cooking. It consumes 1350W of power for efficient functioning. From crispy french fries, kebabs to vegetables, chicken, fish, you can create flavorful dishes using lesser oil as compared to the conventional frying. 

In case for the nuclear small families, one can also opt for the Glen SA 3045 Mini Fryer having capacity of 2 litres. It takes up small space and has preset temperature control, timer can be set upto 30 minutes. This fryer allows quick frying, baking, roasting of small quantity of foods. 

Now let’s see how you can make Air Fryer Mawa Gujiya and Jowar Mathri using air-fryer. 

Mawa Gujiya


    1 cup all-purpose flour 

    4 tsp ghee 

    ½ cup Suji or Semolina 

    ½ cup sugar 

    ½ cup Mawa/Khoa 

    ½ cup dessicated coconut 

    ½ cup dried fruits chopped 

    1 tsp cardamom powder 


    Take a bowl, mix maida with 3 tsp ghee. See if the dough binds, add water and make a tight dough. Make sure the dough is tighter than roti. Cover the dough with damp cloth, allow it to rest for 15 mins.  

    For the stuffing, heat a pan and roast semolina until it is slightly brown and fragrant. Transfer to a big bowl. Then in the same pan, roast dry fruits for a minutes, transfer and let them cool.  

    In the same pan, add a teaspoon of ghee, add mawa, fry till it is brown and let it cool.  

    Go back to the dried fruits, once cool, grind them into a powder using mixer-grinder. Mix all dry ingredients together.  

    Now take the dough and start rolling out small puris. Fill the puri with the mixture.  

     Place the puri in a Gujiya maker and press it gently, to get your crescent-shaped dumplings. You can also use your hands to shape the dumplings, just seal the edges, make sure there are no cracks. 

    When all dumplings are ready. Place them in the Air fryer, apply some ghee on them, and fry them for 5 minutes on 350 heat. Flip them over and bake for another 5 minutes. 

Jowar Mathri 

Dry Ingredients: 

    2 cups Jowar flour 

    1 tsp chilli flakes 

    Salt as needed 

    ¼ tsp pepper powder 

    1 tsp crushed ajwain 

    1 tsp Kasuri methi 

    ½ tsp Haldi 

Wet Ingredients: 

    ¼ cup oil 

    Water as required  


    Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl, mix them with spoon. 

    Add oil ¼ cup to the mix, started kneading. The dough should hold shape. 

    Add warm water gradually, make a tight dough, 

    Next, pull out small chunks of dough. Press them flat, poke some holes using fork in the front.  

    Now grease the air-fryer basked with a dash of oil. Place the mathris on the basket. 

    Air-fry the mathris on 170 degrees for 15 minutes.