Healthy Diet For Kids: 5 Easy And Quick Indian Dishes

Kids are picky eaters and making them eat is no less than a challenge. Feeding them healthy food is quite essential for their overall health and wellness. Children often develop a natural preference for the food they like eating and making them eat healthy food is not just a cake walk. There are several ingredients that kids don’t enjoy much but their bland taste and texture, but these ingredients are very important for their health. So, what to do? 

You know what? There are some ways in which you can give a healthy diet to your kids. Indian cuisine is full of ingredients and cooking techniques that can give life to a dish. Yes, we know that healthy food may not be tasty, but you can give it a pretty and colourful makeover. And the best part? These dishes are easy to make and delicious to taste. Here are 5 healthy dishes to make for your children who are picky eaters. 

Vegetable Paratha Rolls 

Parathas made up of whole grain flour can provide the right nutrition to the body. With the goodness of vegetables, this can be a healthy dish for kids. To make these vegetable rolls, make whole wheat parathas and stuff them with finely chopped mixed vegetables like carrots, peas, and spinach. Roll them up and serve with a side of yogurt or a homemade dip. 

Moong Dal Cheela  

Moong Dal Cheela is a meal rich in protein, fiber and many other essential nutrients. The protein content helps in building the muscles while the fiber content promotes better digestion. To make this healthy dish, blend soaked moong dal with spices and grind. Make cheela and enjoy! 

Paneer Tikka 

Not just children but this one dish is something that even adults can’t say no to. Paneer is also rich in protein, an essential component for the development of kids. To make this healthy and tasty paneer dish, marinate paneer cubes with yogurt and mild spices, then grill until slightly charred.  

Vegetable Pulao 

If your child doesn’t like vegetables, try feeding them this veggie pulao with a soothing raita. It has the goodness of vegetables and will keep your child full for a longer time. Cook basmati rice with mixed vegetables like peas, carrots, and beans. Use minimal oil and add mild spices to make this nutritious and appealing dish. 

Ragi Idli 

Ragi is a superfood, and we can’t deny this. It can be transformed into so many delicious dishes and provides the right nutrition to the kids. To make this healthy idli, mix ragi flour with fermented idli batter. Serve with coconut chutney or tomato chutney and serve a healthy diet to your child.