Eggless Dora Cakes; Delight For Kids
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Dorayaki is a particular kind of Japanese sweet. It consists of two little castella pancake-like patties encasing a sweet azuki bean paste filling. There was only one layer in the first Dorayaki. In Tokyo's Ueno neighbourhood in 1914, Usagiya created the object in its current form.

Because the shapes are similar and because Dora in Japanese means "gong," this is most likely where the name of the confection came from. According to legend, the first Dorayaki was created after a samurai by the name of Benkei left a farmer's house where he was hiding without his gong (Dora), and the farmer then used the gong to fry the pancakes. The cartoon series Doraemon served as the inspiration for dorayaki pancakes and doraya cakes. The Super cat-robot protagonist is passionately in love with them and would go to any lengths for them. Kids love Dora cakes and making them at home is a treat for kids. 

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1. 1 cup Refined flour 

2. ¾ cup Powdered sugar

3. 3 tbsp Condensed milk 

4. ½ tsp Baking powder

5. 1 tsp Honey 

6. 1 tsp Vanilla essence 

7. ½ cup Milk 

8. 1 tbsp Butter 

9. 2 tbsp Hazelnut Chocolate Spread 


1. Refined flour, powdered sugar, condensed milk, baking powder, honey, vanilla extract, milk, and butter should all be combined in a bowl to form a batter.

2. As soon as the nonstick pan is hot, add a ladleful of the batter, cook it till golden brown, then flip it over and cook the other side.

3. With the remaining batter, repeat this procedure. Allow them to somewhat cool off.

4. Then take one cake and cover it with the hazelnut chocolate spread before adding another cake on top and lightly pressing.

5. Serve right away and have pleasure in it.