Nutritionist Shares Health Benefits Of Your Ideal Summer Fruits
Image Credit: Health Benefits Of Summer Fruits

Fruit is an excellent way to stay refreshed, energized and healthy during the hot and busy summertime months. Certified clinical nutritionist Dr Vikki Petersen highlights the advantages of having enough quantity of fruits each day. Here are the top health benefits of popular summertime fruits:


How many of you think of avocados as fruit? Many don't consider it, but this fruit has a special place due to its natural low sugar levels, healthy fat and high fibre content. The fibre and fat make avocados associated with weight loss. In addition to being very satiating, its unique antioxidants can lower cholesterol, support eye health and protect your heart.


Different citrus fruits, including oranges, are very rich in vitamin B and C and potassium. So what can an orange do? Eating a fresh orange can lower your blood pressure, inflammation, blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Note: have your orange, don't take it in juice form, as several benefits are wasted by juicing.


The proverb of “an apple a day” isn't false. Apples are unique because they are rich in insoluble and soluble fibre, supporting gut health while serving as a stabilizing power for your blood sugar. Note: Due to their presence on the Dirty Dozen list, apples must be organic; otherwise, they aren't worth consuming.


Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are the richest sources of antioxidants, rich in fibre. Antioxidants improve your insulin response, blood sugar and protect your cells from damage. This also demystifies one of the most pervasive delusions: dodge fruit if you have diabetes; however, the opposite is true. 


Bananas are best known for potassium, but beyond that, they are rich in prebiotic fibre, which feeds your gut's healthy bacteria. Please keep in mind that the lesser ripe the banana, the better your gut health and the higher its starch-resistant level.