Having An Air Fryer? Here Are 5 Tips To Clean It
Image Credit: Air Fryer | Image Credit: Freepik.com

People are in a hustle all the time owing to their busy schedules. They look forward to the easy process of cooking food. One of the equipments that have gained the attention of the people in recent times is the air fryer

People all across the world are falling in love with air fryer. It not only makes cooking faster and easier but also saves people from creating a mess in the kitchen. Besides, with the minimum usage of oil, several dishes can be cooked with ease. Air fryers are widely preferred by health-conscious people as well. Of all the pros, what comes as a challenge to people is the cleaning process of the air fryer. However, fret not. This article will provide some of the tips and tricks to clean the air fryer.


Take a look: 

  • Clean The Basket

In an air fryer, everything happens in the fry basket. This is also the place where mess is mostly created. After the cooking is over, allow it to cool down, and take out the bits and pieces of the food. Wash it with soap and water and let it dry. If the basket is too sticky, soak it in the water and then use soap to clean it. 

  • Clean It With Cloth

Wipe the inside of the air fryer with a damp microfibre cloth or a non-abrasive sponge dipped in dish soap. Then using a clean wet towel, wipe away any soap residue.  

  • Check The Heating Element

Sometimes lightweight foods can flutter around and stick to the air fryer’s heating element. At such time, disconnect the air fryer and let it cool completely before removing any solid object from the heating element with the help of the brush.


  • Use Parchment Paper 

The non-stick paper contains holes that allow even frying of the food. Besides, they make the cleaning process easy. Simply line the paper in the basket, fry the food, and once done remove the paper out and pick and throw it away. Then a quick afterwash will keep the air frying absolutely clean. 

  • Let It Dry Completely

Once all the parts of the air fryer are cleaned with a cloth and soap wherever required, allow it to dry completely. After the parts of the equipment have dried completely, reassemble everything, and is ready for the next frying process of the food items. This will help to keep the food fresh and ward off any smell.