Have You Visited These Goan Restaurants?
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Goa is famous for its beaches, weather,  nightlife and most importantly cuisine! While visitors continue to swarm to the beaches, there is a new wave of tourists looking for more authentically Goan culinary experiences than just fish curry and King's beer, as well as a new wave of hosts eager to offer these. The gastronomy culture in Goa has undergone a drastic change. Restaurants are now more focused on providing different and unique dine-in experiences. They have a defined goal about what they are intending to provide to their guests.

Here are some restaurants in Goa that have changed the food scene completely-

The Black Sheep Bistro

The Black Sheep Bistro, or BSB as its owners prefer to refer to it, is a chic eatery with a menu that draws inspiration from all around the world. It's one of the few places in Panjim (also known as Panaji) where the majority of the ingredients come from within a 100-mile radius, making it one of the few places that can legitimately call itself farm-to-table. Osso buco, crabmeat ravioli, clams and Goan chouriço are popular dishes on the menu. A sommelier with international training oversees the wide wine list at BSB, which is housed in a classic Portuguese-style structure. There are also wacky-sounding cocktails like "Hakuna Ma Vodka: It means no problems for the remainder of the night," which are offered. Check out the menu during the monsoon, when the produce from the rainy season modifies what is offered. The Black Sheep Bistro offers international cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, including lamb Osso Bucco, Creole chicken, and Crudo nouveau (raw fish with herbs and seasonal greens).

1st Floor, Villa Braganca, Dr Braganza Pereira Rd, Panaji

Gratitude Cafe

Smoothies, salads, soups, wraps, and other healthful cuisine are served at this plant-based restaurant and yoga studio. In addition to serving western-style cuisine such as burgers and pasta, ice-cream bowls, power bowls, raw cakes, homemade nut milk, artisan teas and coffees, the best vegan cafe also uses seasonal products. Everything about the meal is exquisite. To offer a menu as they do, one must be a culinary genius. Every morsel of food and drink they consume serves as a constant reminder of the amazing possibilities that mindful living offers. Nothing is more gratifying than a filling supper that tastes divine and releases the spirit from the weight of guilt. A wide range of local and international people are catered to both quickly and deliciously by their extensive and distinctive selection of vegan options. They offer amazing gluten-free options as well as great meals at a fair price.

House no 958, Pequeno Peddem, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna,


Most would agree that this beachside restaurant is a draw at any time. The evening dragged into periods of pointless conversation intermingled with deep philosophical ruminations. Uninterrupted meals of chicken and prawn dumplings with fermented shellfish sauce, carpaccio salmon usuzukuri with emulsified truffle oil and ponzu sauce, avocado sushi, and Yazu trademark chicken wok-tossed with onions and Goan cashews were consumed for hours spent on the seafront. All of the beverages were changed for a modern spin on old favourites. As a result, the Yazu Spiced Gin and Tonic is an Asian twist on the traditional G&T, flavoured with star anise and cinnamon; the Upside Down Old Fashioned is a modern version of the classic drink, made with Chinese bitters and Demerara sugar; and the Guava Peri-Peri combines spice and sweetness with vodka and a dash of bitters. The pub even features a VIP area that provides a more individualised experience right in front of the sea. Uninterrupted lookouts provide a beautiful view of the setting sun and a variety of cocktails that go with the mood or the sun's shifting colours as it descends into the ocean. The crunchy tempura avocado sushi, turnip cakes, and chocolate soufflé are all highly recommended! You can start with the salt-and-pepper chicken and the greatest red wine, LIIT & Glanco, which has mesmerising flavours and a delicious taste. Additionally, it offers delicious and authentic Asian Thai cuisine.

Marquis Beach Resort Dando, Candolim


Sakana is a unique universe unto itself, and you must experience it to grasp it. Eliko and Mali, an Israeli-Japanese couple, created the interior design and employed Japanese artefacts to give the space a Japanese inn feel. The cuisine, includes delectable wakame salad, udon and ramen, gyoza and tofu dishes, chicken katsu, beef yakiniku, and sushi in a variety of colours, adding appeal to the overall ambience. The main courses are similarly mouthwatering, and their enormous portion will fill you up physically and mentally for the day. One of the few restaurants in Goa that specialises in just one cuisine, Japanese, is Sakana Japanese Cuisine, which is located near the Anjuna Vagator beach belt. Sakana is far superior to every other restaurant in Goa for this reason. The interiors of Sakana are calming and peaceful due to the warm yellow lighting and simple décor. Sakana's atmosphere has a distinctly Japanese vibe. Sakana offers a variety of Japanese specialities, including salads, sashimi, and sushi rolls. Among Sakana's specialities are the Hot Kingfish Sashimi, Lemon Fish Salad, and Salmon Lover Roll.

House No. 187, Mapusa - Anjuna - Chapora Rd, Vagator

Bomras Cafe

Japanese top hits from the previous 16 years are listed on paper menus printed on plain A4 sheets. The tea leaf salad mentioned earlier, the tiger prawn ceviche, the khowsuey, the Kachin beef, and the smoked pork fried rice are a few of them. And a dessert's dream: a moat of tangy passion fruit jus surrounding a wonderfully wobbling, delicate coconut panna cotta, with the fruit's seeds adding sudden, unexpected bite. The drink menu features several Bomras specials as well as a few add-ons. Rangoon Sour, Mandalay Mango, Rum & Kokam, and Tamarind Dukshiri are among the available cocktails. Then there are three outstanding local gins from Goa that you should include on your list of mementoes: Greater Than, Stranger & Sons, and most recently introduced Pumori. Susegado English Ale and Eight Finger Eddie are two further regional brews. The sweetness of the pomegranate pearls bursting from the crackling pork salad's crunchy beauty. Two orders for the grilled aubergine were placed. The sea perch with lime, chilli, and coriander sauce was also excellent. The mushy tempura is also a miss, as is the tea leaf salad. Additionally, the panna cotta was deprived of the customary quantity of passion fruit jus while still wobbling well. The Mandalay Mango and Rum & Kokum in the end are a must-have.

1152, opp. Our Lady Of Health Chapel, Mazal Waddo, Anjuna

Tora Tora Cafe/ Facebook- Tora Tora