Have You Tried These Popular Instant Noodles Yet?
Image Credit: Instant noodles

Nothing can be as quick and delicious as maggi for 3 am hunger pangs. Who can forget the childhood memory when siblings used to fight over an equal share of maggi? Those days have passed, but the craze of maggi is still in the air. It is difficult to resist the flavour and aroma of the masala inside the noodle packet as it can hypnotize anyone. While Maggi is popular as instant noodles in India, did you know there are other instant noodles as well in the other parts of the world that are loved equally? 

Here is the list of seven instant noodles from across the world which are the most loved comfort foods: 

1. Nong Shim Shin Ramyun Black Noodle Soup 

Black noodle soup has made people fans due to its thick, meaty broth. Along with veggies, garlic, red pepper and green onion enhance the flavour of the noodles. It’s very popular among Koreans and has ruled their palate for more than twenty years. The brand also has several other varieties of noodles like ‘air dried’, ‘soo air dried’ and even vegan noodles. 

2. Nissin Yakisoba With Mayonnaise

This yakisoba noodle brand hails from Japan and the brand sells its noodles with Aonori, a popular seaweed ingredient used in Japanese dishes to enhance the taste. It was found fifty years ago and among all other products of the brand, these instant noodles are the most popular due to its complimentary ingredients like mayonnaise, mustard and veggies. The delicious noodles can be best enjoyed with meat and eggs. 

3. Koka Instant Noodles 

These popular Singaporean instant noodles are low-fat and come with vegetable seasoning and pepper. Apart from being delicious, these instant noodles are super healthy as they are non-fried unlike other noodles. These easy to make noodles can be best enjoyed with fried eggs. This noodle brand is more than thirty years old and has got many varieties such as creamy soup and wheat noodles. 

4. Mie Sedaap Instant Kari Spesial Bumbu Kari Kental 

Mie Sedaap is a nineteen-year-old noodle brand that hails from Indonesia. This fiery bowl of noodles comes with a broth powder that gives a kick to taste buds and it is best served with veggies, meat and eggs. The mix of dry powder seasoning, fried onions, seasoned oil and chilli powder can make you lick your fingers. 

5. Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen Noodles 

This Japanese ramen noodles is made with wheat flour and has a creamy and buttery texture. The packet contains baked chicken, green onion and a hard-boiled egg along with sesame seeds to add nuttiness to the flavour. This brand of instant noodles is not only popular in Japan but also in Hong Kong, Mexico, United States and Canada. 

6. Doll Instant Noodles 

It is most popular noodle brand of Hong Kong that provides both chicken broth as well vegetable broth noodles. It has been a part of Hong Kong’s meal for four decades and the brand has more than five flavours of soup that compliments the delicious noodles.  

7. Indomie Special Fried Curly Noodles 

This Indonesian instant noodle brand is popular worldwide due to its wide range of variety, among which fried curly noodles tops the position due its spicy and sweet flavour. Packed with onion, chilli pepper, pickled ginger, chilli sauce, two fried eggs and meat, these flat noodles have made a permanent place in Indonesian’s heart. 

So, if you are fan of instant noodles and want your taste buds to explore new flavours do try them. They are easy to cook like maggi and can make you float in the air with the flavour of herbs and spices.