Have You Tried These Indian Vodkas That Are Changing The Drinking Game
Image Credit: Vodka is prefect for cocktails/ Pic- https://unsplash.com/

This white spirit originated in Russia and Eastern Europe, gets its name from the Russian word ‘voda’ meaning water. It was around 9th century that the first documented production of this drink happened. This National drink in Poland and Finland, saw the use of absinthe calendula, cherry, chicory, dill, ginger hazelnut, horseradish, juniper, lemon, pepper, peppermint, raspberry, sage and more to give that aroma to the drink. 

Vodka has always been in demand in India and going by the same two new brands; Rahasya Vodka and Smoke Lab Vodka are creating waves in the spirit market 

Rahasya Vodka- India-Infused in a bottle

Ever wondered what India in a bottle would taste like? Enter Rahasya, (pronounced Ra-hus-ya), a premium craft vodka inspired by the mysticism and folklore of India. Meaning ‘mystery’ or ‘secret’ in Sanskrit, Rahasya was conceived with the intention to create a carefully researched product from India for the world, with pride in India’s rich and glorious civilizational brilliance. This is Goa’s homegrown creation, that has been re-imagined from Indian culinary secrets, to truly represent India. Launched by Blisswater Industries Private Limited, Rahasya is a homegrown craft vodka, that captures the essence of India in the truest sense. True to its name, it has a unique flavour as it is inspired from various elements of our Indian way of life. It is an amalgamation of our Indian roots & mystique - to give us an immersive experience!  To put it subtly, there isn’t any other spirit that could say it imbibes Indianness in its true essence. “Rahasya’s journey started with the desire of creating a product that is premium and distinctly Indian,” said Varna.

As she further says “The new Indian consumer takes pride in what is Indian, not just in terms of being manufactured in India but something that speaks of India in its identity.

Apart from Goa and Maharashtra, Rahasya Vodka is now also on shelves in Pondicherry, Daman and Silvassa. 

Smoke Lab Vodka

Driven by the ethos ‘Live Responsibly,’ conscious consumption is at the core of the brand, encouraging responsible drinking, SMOKE Lab is an initiative started by Varun Jain and headquartered in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2019 and houses three products of the SMOKE brand namely, the SMOKE Vodka, SMOKE Wear and SMOKE Water. Every aspect of incubation of this product is driven by the idea of conscious consumption and a deep sense of responsibility for how its products are made. The company’s commitment to responsibility and sustainability also extends to the local community, ensuring a thriving and sustainable ecosystem.

The vodka range is distilled five times using ultra-modern charcoal filtration. Moving away from potatoes, it uses the finest Indian basmati grains for distillation, resulting in an ultra-pure spirit that is completely gluten-free and vegan. The brand has two variants – Smoke Lab Classic and Smoke Lab Aniseed. The Classic is intense and complex with a smooth finish and bold flavour hitting the nose, fresh nutty aromas and subtle citrus hints enjoyed straight or in your cocktail of choice. The Aniseed version is a playful exploration that pays homage to the much-loved Indian herb saunf (fennel), and it's a delicate mix of fennel and licorice notes for a creamy and sweet palate.

SMOKE VODKA is available in Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Maharashtra, Goa, AP, Orrisa, Daman Diu etc and has expanded successfully across US.