Have You Tried Making Rose Water At Home? Here Are Some Quick Tips & Recipes
Image Credit: The freshness of the rose water adds a glow to your face and a fragrance to your dish.

Rose water, aka Gulab Jal, is a natural astringent that is commonly used in households for a variety of purposes. This is a great product for your skin, often used in face masks, as a natural toner, and a cleanser. It freshens up your skin by hydrating every cell. It also helps to clean your pores and works great if you have puffy eyes. It also has a range of antioxidants that can help to remove fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent other signs of ageing. If you suffer from excess oil, then Gulab Jal can work wonders by reducing the pH level.   

But the important question here is whether the rose water available in the market is natural or not. Oftentimes, these products claim to be free from chemicals but that isn’t true. So, we bring to you a super-easy to make rose water at home.   

Follow these five easy steps to prepare a natural Gulab Jal in your home kitchen.   


  1. Rose Petals (preferably fresh and pesticide-free)  
  2. A Container  
  3. Some water  
  4. A bottle/ Jar  


  • Take some rose petals. Wash them with lukewarm water about 5-6 times so that it eliminates all the excess chemicals or pesticides that are present in them.  
  • Then take a container and put rose petals in it. Add some water and let it boil on a low-medium flame.  
  • Make sure that you do not add too much water as that would lose the essence of the rose petals.  
  • Cover the container with a lid and let it simmer till the time the rose petals impart their color or get discolored. This would take about 25-30 minutes.  
  • Once done, strain the water to remove the petals. Let it cool for some time.  
  • Then transfer it to a bottle or a jar and store it in a refrigerator. Start using it within a week.  

Note: The shelf life of homemade rose water is not long so you should make an appropriate amount of it that can be used within a short period. Also, store it in a cool place like a refrigerator for longer shelf life.   

Here are some ways you can use this your food too. 

1.  Rose Water Cake 

Imagine Rose Water in a cake, the aroma is going to be very appetising. 

2.   Rose Water Biscuits

The crunchy biscuits with rose water essence are the best tea-time snacks. 

3.  Rose Water Macarons 

You might have had a plenty of macaron flavours, but this rose water version will blow your minds away.