Japani Samosa: This Old Dilli Dish Is As Crispy As It Gets
Image Credit: Flickr

Who doesn’t love a hot pipping samosa with some chutney? But do you know unveiling the truth that Samosa in itself not a original dish of India. Tracing the fascinating history of the samosa it can be traced back to miles away to the  Iranian plateau. The food literature of 10th century Middle Eastern cuisine, the medieval Persian texts see the mention of sanbosag, a cousin of samosa which was Persian pyramidal pastry. 

Be it the sanbusak, sanbusaq and even sanbusaj this triangular snack had always been filled with meat. It was because of the  travelling merchants that this triangular snack also travelled from Central Asia to North Africa, East Asia and South Asia. 

Of all the variations that we have seen of samosa, Old Dilli sees a one of the most unique versions called the Japani Samosa. This spicy samosa that also defy’s the shape of samosa, served with some samosa, that’s flaky that sees 60 wafer-thin crusts that is filled with peas and potato. This non spicy yet delicious is served with some Chole and pumpkin pickle at Manohar dhaba. 

Those wondering why it’s called Japani samosa, the owners are of the opinion that it was invented during Second World War when Japan was bombarded or the could be the reason that the flakes looks like a Japanese fan. This samosa is a output of labour and not easy and quick like the triangular one. 

Recently blogger Mohit Soni who is on Instagram by the name @chooseyourbite_ sgared a video of him having this unique samosa. His video has garnered 621k views, 21k likes, and 58 comments. Here’s the video link:

This samosa has grabbed lot of attention and people have commented like: "Japani somosa! Japanese will be laughing, ye humne kab banya & humko nahi maloom" (The Japanese would be laughing about never inventing this dish)

"Japan mein samosa milte hi nhi hai... Samosa Indian hai" (How can this be Japanese if it's not made in Japan. After all, samosa is an Indian dish)

"Ye to aloo patties hai" (Isn't this potato patties)

"Japan wale kya sochenge yeh dekhke" (What will the Japanese think after seeing this)

"20 saal se anime dekhra hu...Ye Japani kidhar se hai (I have been seeing Japanese anime for the last 20 years, I don't think this is Japanese)

"Ye mast hai kafi" (This looks quite good)

"Bahut badiya. Jordaar maza aagaya deekh kar" (Wow! This is great, love seeing it)

The oner of the shop claims that on any given day he always sees a heavy demand of this samosa that has been there since ages and  he also claims the it was his family that brought this unique Japani samosa to the people of Delhi. So those who have not tried, why not explore this new variety of samosa with some chole.