Have You Met The Frankie Woman Of Gujarat? This Lady Is An Inspiration For Many
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Here are some delicious frankie recipes to try.

It is one of those special days when you come across someone who is so inspiring that you tend get motivated yourself. That’s how we felt when we came across a street food vendor from Gujarat. The pandemic made us sit and work from home. At this time, there were many who had to take the risk of stepping out and working like the frontline workers. Then there were some others who had the desire to continue work but could not due to lack of opportunities and restrictions. A woman from Gujarat had to face a similar problem when her source of income came to a standstill. 

Known as the Frankie woman of Gujarat, the young woman is a singer by profession and used to perform at functions until Covid happened. Since then, she decided to look for an alternative way to earn a living and that’s how she set up a frankie stall in the centre of Gujarat. In a video shared by @eatinvadodara on Instagram, the woman reveals her story and motivation behind selling frankies. Here, take a look. 

Source: Eat In Vadodara/Instagram 

The woman narrates that she used to be a singer but the pandemic left her with little work. From singing to setting up a food stall, she had to struggle a lot. She realized that there was no market for frankies in Gujarat’s Jamnagar district and so she decided to set up shop. During the video, she is seen slathering a spicy sauce on the frankie base while we see lots of chopped vegetables around the stove. She then goes on to hum a beautiful oldie and mesmerize us with her beautiful voice. 

The video has garnered over 200k views in the past few days and has been showered with loads of love from different parts of the country. While watching the video, weren’t you tempted even once to eat a frankie? Frankly speaking, we were. So here are some delicious frankie recipes to try at home. 

1.  Paneer Schezwan Frankie 

The crispy flatbread is stuffed with a spicy schezwan paneer filling and rolled into a frankie. The stuffing is loaded with sauces and spices, giving it an Indian-Chinese flavour. The diced cubes of paneer meshed with a tangy schezwan sauce and garnished with chopped onions is just perfect. 

2.  Aloo Frankie 

Don’t like paneer? No problem. This aloo frankie is a great deal too. Filled with a masaledaar aloo mixture, squeeze in some lime juice and sauce and you are good to go. 

3.  Noodle Frankie 

If you like noodles but are craving a frankie, this one is for you. The noodles are boiled, tossed with vegetables and slathered with a hot schezwan sauce. This is then stuffed in the flatbread and rolled up.