Have You Heard of An Unusual Drink Called Monkey Coffee?
Image Credit: Unsplash

A unique variety of coffee beans from India and Taiwan is called monkey coffee. Monkey spit coffee might be a better term for it, even if monkey poop coffee is occasionally used. The Formosan rock macaques and rhesus monkeys who assist in the "processing" of the beans do not consume them. Instead, they chew them up and spit them out for others to pick up. Hence, monkey coffee is more enjoyable than so-called "poop coffee," which is consumed by creatures like the Indonesian palm civet.

Monkey coffee is reputed to make a wonderful cup of coffee to drink, having a sweet, complex taste, even though few people get to try it. It is costly and difficult to find, just like other speciality coffees. The idea of drinking animal excrement-procured coffee may seem strange to most coffee drinkers. It is nevertheless one of the most expensive bean varieties available. Animal coffee is made from beans that were directly extracted from animal wastes, such as faeces or the partially consumed remains of coffee cherries.

Digestive fluids are found within the digestive systems of many animals. These liquids partially break down the coffee beans and are subjected to environmental factors that may change the flavours.

How does coffee made from animal faeces taste? The procedure yields a bean with less acidity and bitterness, which generally makes for a superb cup of coffee. This is also the main reason for the higher price of a bag of these beans. The procedures farmers must go through in order to obtain the aforementioned beans are another factor. This refers to searching through animal waste.

Uses Of Monkey Coffee

Because of the high regard that comes with it, you probably won't want to drink monkey coffee as your daily cup of coffee. Save this one for a special event instead, like a dinner party, or enjoy it alone or with a small group of coffee-loving pals on a peaceful afternoon.

It's better to drink monkey coffee plain without any extras like creamer, milk, or sugar because of its high price and scarcity. Enjoy the delicate flavours in each sip by serving this coffee black.