Have You Ever Tasted Kada Prasad At A Gurudwara? This Viral Video Will Get You Drooling
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by @delhifoonest

As a kid, I remember making a few trips to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Delhi. It’s located near our home and a friend’s family would regularly visit the gurdwara, and so would I. Am I religious? Not really. It was more about the mouth-watering Kada Prasad served as bhog there. 

Kada Prasad - the velvety, rich halwa made with whole wheat flour - is usually prepared during the morning hours and one can enjoy its aroma while passing by the gurudwara. Now, who can resist that aroma of Kada Prasad being cooked in desi ghee? I know, I can’t. While my trips to the gurudwara stopped over time, as we shifted to a different locality, I never forgot the taste of Kada Prasad. After about 15 years when I visited the place again and ate the bhog, it was like a trip down memory lane for me. It was exactly the same ghee-laden halwa that melts in our mouth within seconds.  

The charm of Kada Prasad lies in the fact that it’s made with very few ingredients, yet the taste is so delicious. Despite many many attempts, I have not been able to replicate the same at home yet. A video on the internet came to my rescue. The clip was uploaded by food blogger @delhifoonest is making on Instagram and it made netizens drool, quite literally. Take a look:

The video begins with a sevak placing a huge kadhai (wok) on heat. Within minutes, oodles of ghee melt in it, after which atta (whole wheat flour) is added to the wok. One reason Kada Prasad is so heavenly is that the proportion of the ghee used in the halwa is the same as that of atta and sugar. The atta is fried in ghee till it turns brown. Then, boiling water is added to the ghee-atta mixture, followed by sugar. Once the halwa is ready, it is taken out and served in recyclable plates. This video was taken at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, and it has already garnered 3.2 million views and 243k likes. 

The comments section of the video was also full of responses from people who were in awe of the prasad. “Best thing on Instagram today,” a comment read, while another viewer said, “Thank you for sharing. Nothing can beat the divine taste of Kada Prasad.” The video of how this halwa has definitely made many netizens nostalgic.  

Have you tried Kada Prasad at a gurudwara? Let us know your experience.