Have These Sindhi Delicacies For A Heavenly Experience
Image Credit: Methi Patata

India is synonymous with food. Every region and community offer different dishes that may have similar ingredients but are definitely not alike. Sindhi is one such community that offers some lip-smacking food. Sindhi food has a distinct flavour and has special cooking methods that enhance the flavour of the food. 

Many of you won’t know that traditional Sindhi food was not cooked in pressure cookers but in dekchis or degdas. The food used to be cooked on coal and slow flame. And this slow cooking used to give them a delectable taste and aroma. This cuisine has a variety of delicacies and some of the dishes are very famous not just in India but around the globe. Let us have a look at some Sindhi dishes that are sooo and deserve to be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

Guar Ji Bhaji

This is a delectable dish made up of cluster beans also known as gavar or gawar, garlic, onions and tomatoes. This is basically a side dish often eaten with lentils. This vegetable has a unique flavour which needs to be adapted and this is a common delicacy cooked in almost every Sindhi household. 

Methi Patata

Methi patata is a simple dish made with potatoes and methi or fenugreek. This dish is so simple and gets ready in no time. It is generally served with rotis but goes well with rice as well. This is best for fussy eaters as it is healthy as well as delicious.

Chaap Chola

If you love aloo Tikki, this Sindhi delicacy is something that you must try at least once. Sindhi chaap chola is made from patties loaded with boiled and stuffed chana. Served with flavourful chutney and crunchy onions, this chaap chola can be your perfect go-to meal.

Tidali Dal-Dhodho

This is the perfect Sindhi dal that is worth drooling for. This is a combination of three types of lentils that are served well with sorghum roti, raw onions and a side dish. Tidali Dal is a perfect dal which can be served for lunch as well as dinner.

Sindhi Kadhi

When we are talking about Sindhi food, we just cannot forget to mention the beloved Sindhi Kadhi. It is a vegan curry with a lot of vegetables and so many spices. It is generally served with piping hot rice and aloo tuk. 

These were my top picks. Do let us know which of these delicacies is your favourite.