Chef Bharat Khemnani Explains The Nuances Of Sindhi Food And Dishes That Identify The Cuisine
Image Credit: Chef Bharat Khemnani with his Sindhi preparations/ Pic- Ayandrali Dutta

There’s no dearth of variety when we think of various cuisine that we see in India. While some have got much exposure, few still need a little more popularity and publicity just like the Sindhi Cuisine. Sindh’s were a community who were uprooted and dispersed by partition and their food is an vital connection and evidence to their homeland. Chef Bharat Khemani who belongs to family who owns the famous Karachi Halwa House (Since 1943) New Delhi says “our kitchens have seen much distinct recipes and ingredients. One distinct feature is that we use a lot of garlic in our food and more such things help to identify and anchor our cuisine. Sindhi cuisine uses simple ingredients”. Sindhi cuisine sees a great influence of culinary cultures of the Rajputs, the Mughals, the Sikhs.

Pic- Ayandrali Dutta


Of the sweets that is available in the cuisine, this one is really delicate and delectable. Almost like a dry fruit fudge, this one sees wheat flour, badam pista, ghee, edible gum or gond and khuskhus (poppy seeds) which makes this one much nutritious and Chef even specifies that this one os great for pregnant moms. This mithai is a rich sweet full of nuts. And yes in winters it will surely help you keep you warm too. 

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