Have Some Avocados? 5 Easy Ways To Have Them

Avocados are a nutritious food that can increase fruit intake because they are high in nutrients. Foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients while having only a small number of calories are said to be nutrient-dense. In addition to providing approximately 20 vitamins and minerals, one-third of a medium avocado (50 g) has 80 calories. Avocados are a wonderful source of healthy fats, fibre, folate, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, and copper. 

There are many simple methods to incorporate avocados into your normal diet if you've been wondering how to eat them or what to eat with them. The hardest part of choosing how to consume avocados may be choosing from the numerous wonderful avocado recipe ideas. 

As it is: Avocado may be eaten on its own, which is one of the nicest and simplest ways to enjoy it. Avocados that are ripe are split in half and seasoned to taste. They make a wonderful addition to any dish. For those who prefer it, consuming half of an avocado plain, seasoned with lemon juice or your preferred seasoning, is plenty. For an additional twist, try adding some paprika or balsamic vinegar. 

As Spread: Spreading avocado on toast for a creamy, velvety, cholesterol-free topping is another simple way to consume it. In place of other popular spreads that are heavy in saturated fats and cholesterol, mashed avocado provides a delightful source of healthy fats. 

As Salad: Any lunch or dinner can benefit from the simple addition of avocados. A tasty and simple avocado salad is a great way to include more avocados to your diet. Simply add some avocado slices to your favourite salad or use avocado as the foundation of a nutrient-dense, wholesome salad. They are great when sliced in salad. Try some of our salad dressings or make your own avocado salad. 

In Burger or Sandwich: Have you tried using avocados in burgers, sandwiches, or on the grill if you've been wondering what to eat with them? These are some additional scrumptious and simple ways to include avocados in your next picnic or barbecue. Any sandwich benefits from the creamy flavour that avocados bring, whether it be a egg, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich, a sumptuous avocado burger, or an avocado wrap. 

As Dip or Guacamole: Guacamole for crackers or veggie sticks can be made with avocados. You may eat these quick and simple snacks at any time of the day. Even one avocado makes a tasty snack when combined with chips or vegetables sticks. Fresh avocados, diced or mashed, make a great dip. 

As Snack: There is no reason why eating avocados should be restricted to mealtimes. Snack time might include delectable avocado dish ideas for a healthy respite from the day. Be inventive. Make chocolate avocado energy bars or savoury snack cups with avocados by pairing them with berries. Avocados can also be added to sweet and sour snacks. The options are limitless!