Have Run Out Vanilla Extract? Try These 3 Substitutes For The Perfect Baking Experience

Baking is a fun and calming activity, whether you indulge in it on your day off or a working day. There are studies that indicate that baking reduces stress and anxiety. And you would probably agree with me when I say that baking is more about the process than the final outcome. 

From assembling the ingredients to incorporating them, and finally relishing the goodies, baking is surely a satisfying and rewarding affair. Besides the joy of gobbling the cookies and cakes, baking has numerous other moments that appeal to our senses. Attaining the perfect consistency of the batter, for instance, can be as satisfying an achievement as sniffing the aroma that emanates from the oven while baking. These little moments of joy make baking worth the time and effort. Isn’t it?

When talking of the aroma of baked goodies, how can we not mention vanilla extract that plays an integral role in it? But if you have run out of this essential ingredient in your kitchen, fret not. We have got you covered. Rely on these three kitchen staples that you can use in place of vanilla extract.

1. Coffee Powder

Coffee powder is a brilliant substitute when it comes to subverting the egg smell while baking a cake and even enhancing the flavour. Just add a teaspoon of coffee powder in your batter in place of vanilla extract and we bet you’ll love the outcome.

2. Honey

Honey can be another perfect substitute for vanilla extract. With a similar mellow flavour as vanilla, honey does quite a good job when used in place of vanilla extract. Use honey in exact quantities as vanilla essence. However, the sweetness of honey might lead you to reduce the sugar content in the batter to some extent.

3. Rum/Bourbon/Brandy/Vanilla Liqueur

We know it’ll be a bolt from the blue for you but vanilla extract has alcohol in it. So, substituting vanilla extract with alcohol is completely fine. The enticing flavour and aroma of vanilla are actually derived by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol for long hours.

Now that you know the substitutes of vanilla extract, the unavailability should not stop you from enjoying some delicious baked goodies. Do try these alternatives and let us know how your goodies turn out.