Needless to say, pizza is the go-to comfort food for numerous occasions. Bad day at work? Order a pizza and rant about your boss with your roommate. Weekend? Binge-watch your favourite show with a large pizza and coke on the side. Have a house party? Pizza is a must when you have less time and are low on budget. We all agree that one can't get enough of pizza. And this leads to the mindless ordering of pizza in bulk and we end up with leftover pizza sitting in our fridge. This leftover pizza eventually makes its way to the dustbin. So, to save this journey, here are five delicious snacks you can make with leftover pizza to munch on.

1. Pizza Fries

Tired of regular potato French fries? Twist your fries game by making pizza fries. Cut the pizza slices into thin strips and bake them until they are perfectly crispy and golden brown.

2. Make A Quick Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich amps up any course. Sandwich two pizza slices and fill them with your favourite ingredients and cheese. Needless to say, this sandwich will taste better than a regular grilled cheese sandwich and is perfect to be served as an evening snack.

3. Croutons For Soups And Salads

Salads and soups are best enjoyed with a crunchy element. Make croutons by chopping the leftover pizzas and roasting them in a generous amount of butter and olive oil. Add these croutons to your soups and salads to make them more delicious.

4. Pizza Sticks With A Dip

Cut the pizza slices into strips and bake till they are crispy enough to be dipped in a sauce. You can add a generous sprinkle of grated mozzarella cheese to make it more cheesy and creamy. Serve these sticks with marinara sauce or any other creamy dip to make a complete snack.

Now that you know ways to use leftover pizza, we hope you won’t waste it anymore and whip these snacks up with it.