Have Leftover Brewed Coffee? Here’s How to Use It

How often do you have leftover brewed coffee and not know what to do with it? Don't throw it away! If you have any leftover coffee, you may put it to good use in a variety of tasty ways. There is a plethora of ways to enjoy coffee, from iced coffee to sweets flavoured with coffee. However, after only 30 minutes, coffee's flavour begins to fade. You can still enjoy a cup, but don't expect the same intensity as with a freshly brewed pot. Here, we'll show you some great methods and easy recipes for reusing your leftover brewed coffee. Put an end to wasting coffee and instead discover the joys of recycling and reusing your leftover brews. 

Make Tiramisu 

Some recipes ask for instant coffee or coffee syrup, but seasoned tiramisu bakers know that only brewed coffee stands out against the other rich flavours. If you have cold leftover espresso, that's ideal. Espresso will add a touch of Italian tradition to your tiramisu, and its bitterness will balance the richness of the dairy components. 

Use for Marinade 

The ground coffee that you so enjoy adding to your chicken breasts is not the only way that coffee and meat may be combined. Your favourite chicken, roast, or rib marinade can benefit greatly from a splash of leftover brewed coffee. Because of its mild acidity, coffee is a suitable substitute for stronger acids like vinegar or lemon juice for marinating meat. Coffee will tenderise your meat to perfection, whereas acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon juice will turn it to mush. 

Add to Chocolate Cake 

Ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs are standard for cakes, but a moist, double-layer treat requires freshly made hot coffee. You won't be able to taste the coffee, even though it may sound like an odd ingredient. However, the bitter, fruity, and spicy undertones of coffee are similar to those of cocoa powder, which helps to amplify the chocolatey flavours. 

Make Popsicles 

Although fresh fruit, yoghurt, and juice are obvious choices for the foundation of popsicles, these ingredients are not the only ones available. A perfect illustration of this would be the frozen desserts that can be made with brewed coffee that has been left over after it has been consumed. Coffee enthusiasts who prefer to keep things straightforward can keep things simple by pouring some cooled coffee, milk, and sugar into a popsicle mould. On the other hand, those with a sweet tooth can experiment with adding flavoured syrups, sweetened condensed milk, or even chocolate chips. 

Freeze Coffee Ice Cubes 

They're so simple to make. Coffee may be made into ice cubes by simply pouring it at suitable temperature into an ice cube tray and freezing it for a few hours. The next time you're craving iced coffee, simply add a few of these to your glass and sip slowly without worrying about a lack of caffeine. Coffee that has been left over and frozen is just the beginning. Add sugar or flavoured syrup to the cubes if you enjoy your coffee or tea on the sweet side. Sweeten the cubes by adding a drop or two of sweetened condensed milk. 

Coffee Mocktail 

This is where some of our go-to coffee-based cocktails come in handy. A recipe for an espresso tonic is one of the simplest recipes. Coffee and tonic water are combined in this cocktail, which is then poured over ice and served in rocks form. Because of the recipe's lack of complexity, the flavours of the coffee are allowed to shine through; therefore, you should choose a good brew. If you are seeking something more sophisticated, fill a tumbler glass with freshly squeezed orange juice, ice cubes, soda water, and hot coffee that has been sweetened with honey. 

Eye De-Puffing Treatment 

Put cold cotton pads or a clean towel that has been soaked in brewed coffee and cooled in the refrigerator on your eyelids while they are closed. Keep them on for a few minutes to aid in the reduction of puffiness and to help wake up weary eyes.