Have A Kitchen Garden? Know The Tips To Grow Your Own Vegetables
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you love gardening, growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs in a kitchen garden might also give you immense pleasure. The feeling of not rushing to the market to buy ingredients like tomatoes or lemons but relying on your kitchen garden can be deeply satisfying. And the old saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” couldn’t have a better literal meaning.

But before you plant fruits or vegetables in your kitchen garden, you should ensure that you are giving the plants a healthy breeding environment. If you are new to a kitchen garden or just looking for hacks to get healthy plants, you’re at the right place. Here are some tips for growing your own vegetables in a kitchen garden.

Location Matters

Whenever you plan to plant vegetables in your kitchen garden, you should take the location into consideration. Since most of the vegetables require ample sunlight, you should ensure that you plant them in a spot where the vegetables can get direct sunlight every day. If possible, try to find a sweet spot where the seeds get more morning sunlight and less afternoon sunlight, as that can be harsh in the initial stages of growth.

Prepare The Soil

After you have finalised the spot to grow the vegetables, the next step is to learn about the soil needs of the plant. Do thorough research on what type of soil that particular vegetable requires for proper growth. Then, test your soil. Match the pH levels and quality, add appropriate fertilisers, and prepare well-nourished soil for the healthy growth of vegetables.

Choose The Plants

Choosing the right plants to grow is an important step. While selecting, you should note the different times each vegetable takes to grow. Vegetables like radish, cabbage, or spinach need less attention and grow faster. So, if you’re an impatient gardener, you can go with these vegetables. If you have enough time, you can go for a bit of high-maintenance vegetables like eggplant or tomatoes.

Water And Fertilise Frequently

The secret to growing healthy vegetables is regular fertilisation and watering. If you are planting the seeds in summer, you should be mindful about giving the plants enough water as the evaporation will take most out of the soil. Further, to provide the vegetables with the right nutrients, fertilise frequently.

Maintain Regularly

Your job as a gardener will not be over even after your vegetable is fully grown. To ensure that you keep getting vegetables from the plant, be mindful of regular maintenance. You should keep an eye on any possibility of discolouration of leaves, which might be a sign of a disease. Also, regularly prune the plant to keep its growth healthy.