Have A Busy Week? Make Some Bengali One Pot Dishes

One-pot meals have been been popular for a long time, but they were one of the biggest pandemic food trends. A dum-style biryani is one for extended weekends, while a practical one-pot quinoa dish will help you get through busy work weeks. One-pot wonders, which are the epitome of comfort food, are also common in Bengali cuisine. Who doesn’t want to get indulged in a bhaat ghoom after a dish of phena bhaat or take the day off work to eat some piping hot khichuri on a rainy day? 

Here are some traditional Bengali one-pot dishes that are delicious and simple to make. 

Phena Bhaat  

A satisfying phena bhaat served with ghee or butter on the side can be the perfect way to start the day. The congee (or rice porridge) can be made with a variety of in-season vegetables during the winter, but you can just create a straightforward version with alu or some pumpkin. It's still a common dish in many Bengali homes, commonly cooked with gobindobhog rice. The one-pot dinner of champions is complete when a boiled egg is added. 

Paanta Bhaat 

The paanta bhaat, which is cooked rice that has been soaked in water and fermented, is typically served in the summer with a savoury side of alu chokha, some onions, and green chilies. Since it contains more micronutrients than rice, it is said to be more nutrient-dense. 


A dull day can quickly become cheerful with this one-pot marvel! The basic khichudi never dissatisfies and is typically served with crispy vegetarian fritters, alu bhaja, or papad. 

Bhate Bhaat 

Popular rice and vegetable dish known as bhate bhaat is from Bengal. When the veggies are done, they are removed from the rice and mashed with either mustard oil or ghee. The vegetables are either boiled with rice or grilled over fire. In addition, you may need tomatoes, lemon juice, onions, and green peppers. 

Khuder Bhaat 

In rural areas, the simple Khuder Bhaat is a beloved dish. Known as khud, it is typically created from grains that break down while making rice. Typically, potatoes, garlic, and even some leafy vegetables are used to make khuder bhaat. 

Make every ingredient count when you're trying to minimise the mess and you only have one pot to deal with. That's simple to do using one-pot vegetarian supper recipes: To ensure that your meal is both pleasant and filling, simply eat as many protein- and fiber-rich plants as you can.