Hash Browns For Healthy Mornings

You've come to the right place if you really believe that potatoes enhance the flavour of pretty much any dish. Because we are, too, especially when it comes to breakfast potatoes. It can be difficult to decide which style of breakfast potato to prepare, but if you're wanting crispy potatoes that make you think of your favourite restaurant, you should try this hash brown dish. The shredded potatoes are shaped into pancake-like hash browns and lightly pan-fried to achieve the ideal crisp texture that would go deliciously with any breakfast dish. 

Potatoes For hash Brown

Use starchy potatoes, such as russets or Idahoes, if the crisp is important to you. The only downside is that because they are so starchy, the hash browns can be prone to coming apart. So, if you want your hash browns to keep together easily, use a waxy potato, such as new potatoes, Yukon Golds, or red potatoes. These potatoes will cling together in the pan due to their higher moisture content, but they won't crisp up as well as potatoes with a high starch content. 

Moisture is the main factor for your hash browns to crumble. Before adding the potatoes to the flour and egg mixture, make sure they are completely dry. Get the potatoes as dry as you can, whether you wring them out in a dish towel or spin them in a salad spinner. If you are concerned that the hash browns will crumble, you can simply use a different variety of potato. Waxy potatoes will cling together well but won't become as crispy as you might like. Another choice is to include extra substances that will serve as binders. Consider adding cheese to your hash browns since it will be like gooey glue when it melts. 

How To Make 

You'd be surprised to learn how simple it is to make crispy hash browns. Use your favourite method to grate, process, or mandoline your potatoes to achieve the desired level of shreddedness. Drain and squeeze off all of the water after giving the potatoes a final rinse until the water is clear (this will ensure the hash browns are extra crispy). You should next add any other ingredients or seasonings, along with your binding agents (flour or egg). In addition to cheese, cayenne pepper, and garlic, other ingredients that could be included in this dish include onion. You can either make a single, huge hash brown or several smaller ones that resemble pancakes. Either way, form your hash browns into patties and pan fried them in oil for about five minutes on each side.