Harsh Goenka Shares Video Of Food Service In Gwalior Palace
Image Credit: Harsh Goenka/X

Going to a dinner party in a palace? Expect no less than the royal treatment – attesting to this, the Maharaja of Gwalior Palace (Jai Vilas Palace) put up quite the display. In a video shared by the chairman of the RPG Group – Harsh Goenka – which went viral on social media for managing to offer a sneak peek into the unique dining table arrangements for guests, a miniature train carrying bowls covered by cloches was seen moving around the strategically placed tracks across the length of the table.

The centrepiece in question, moved around an arrangement of fruit, pastries and savouries and stopped momentarily to be refilled with food supplies before it began trodding its way ahead. Emblazoned with the Scindia logo, the Palace is known to host Indian and foreign dignitaries in the dining hall which has three long tables. Each of the tables, dedicated to specific types of food, is utilised to showcase vegetarian and non-vegetarian options – along with the elegant silver train that features on the middle one. Meant to serve guests wine, champagne and  cigars to the attendees, the silver train is said to enjoy a reputation of its own.

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Goenka, who shared a tiny sneak peek of the dinner in question, captioned his video saying, “How food is served at Maharaja of Gwalior’s palace!” Said to have been a gift from the British to the royal family, the palace has since then also placed the train in the museum for visitors to have a look. Only used for special occasions, the train in the video was seen ferrying bowls of dry fruits and a bottle of liquor which was placed on the train by a server on duty.