Pani Puri to Corn Chaat, 6 Guilt-Free Snacks Post Fast

Teej is a festival full of life and excitement, honouring women and the monsoon season. As we celebrate the season, let's give ourselves opportunity to indulge in some old favourites without guilt. Snacking without guilt lets us indulge in seasonal treats without feeling bad about it. We can enjoy the celebrations without sacrificing our health by selecting nutritious and low-calorie snacks. By taking this route, we can still enjoy the Teej festivities and foods without worrying about putting on weight, making the occasion both happy and healthy. 

Steamed Idli 

Idlis are a traditional dish that never fails to satisfy due to their soft texture. Teej may delight in these steamed delicacies without feeling any regret because they are easy on the stomach and contain a wealth of beneficial nutrients. A healthful snack can be created by eating them with coconut chutney or sambar. 

Air-Fried Kachori 

Replace the conventional method of frying kachoris with the utilisation of air-frying techniques. These kachoris are filled with spiced lentil or potato stuffing, providing a flavorful alternative with reduced oil content. Indulge in the delightful crispiness of these treats without any feelings of guilt, all while fully embracing the joyous spirit of the festivities. 

Masala Papad 

Roasting or grilling the papads, as opposed to deep frying them, is a far healthier alternative to the traditional preparation of this delightfully crunchy treat. A snack that is healthy and full of flavour can be made by topping it with chopped vegetables, spices, and khatti meethi chutneys. 

Corn Chaat 

A corn chaat has the ideal combination of flavours and different kinds of crunchy toppings. To make a snack that is refreshing and devoid of guilt that is ideal for Teej celebrations, corn kernels can be boiled or grilled before being mixed with diced vegetables, spices and a splash of lemon juice. 


With a delightful sponginess and a tantalising savoury essence, dhoklas emerge as an example of culinary skill. These ethereal gram flour cakes, delicately steamed to perfection, grace the palate with a feather-light touch. Indulge in these delectable bite-sized delights, generously packed with a bounty of protein. Each morsel is a guilt-free pleasure, made even more delightful with a tantalising drizzle of refreshing mint chutney or a luscious tamarind sauce. 

Paani Puri

Pani puri, a beloved street food, can be made guilt-free for Teej. The fried puris or baked or whole wheat versions. Fill them with sprouts, boiled potatoes, and tangy tamarind water. This light and flavorful treat lets you indulge in the festive spirit while keeping calories in check.