Happy Birthday, Pooja Hegde! Here Are Her Favourite Foods!
Image Credit: Pooja Hedge's Birthday, Image Source:Instagram/Freepik

It's Pooja Hegde's birthday today. The pretty lassie is one of the most loved actors, especially in the southern film industry. Time and again, her mesmerising beauty and slender body fetch her oodles of compliments. To maintain it, Pooja follows a strict fitness regime with various physical activities, including silk aerial yoga. She also swears by a balanced diet but doesn't restrict the foodie in her. Thus, we keep seeing her in the news for indulging in decadent cuisines and dishes. On 13 October, her birthday, her Instagram stories have a series of cute pictures, including a chocolate birthday cake. With a sleepy face, the birthday gal cuts it. 

Pooja's IG story, cutting birthday cake, Image Source: Instagram

Now, let's sneak peek at Pooja Hegde's favourite food!

Regular day

Pooja works out early in the morning and has a shot of coffee to start her day. Her breakfast usually consists of eggs and, at times, an egg paratha. Once in a while, she switches to chillas. A glass of a healthy milkshake or fresh fruits is her mid-morning snack. Lunch and dinner primarily consist of brown rice, vegetable curry and chicken dish. The Mangalorean beauty never misses having curd with every meal. If she feels hungry in the evening, she snacks on sweet potato cutlets or tikkis or else a healthy sandwich. 

Coffee shot, Image Source: Unsplash

Food preferences

She is a self-confessed non-vegetarian, but she includes lots of vegetables to keep her digestive system healthy. Her favourite non-veg is seafood, especially prawns and lobsters. Next comes mutton and chicken. Any day Pooja's comfort food is dal chawal. Indian, Italian and Korean cuisines are the most preferred grub. The popular Tollywood actor has also developed a love for a few Telugu dishes. The list includes Hyderabadi biryani, tangy gongura curry and Pootharekulu, the famous sweet of Andhra Pradesh. 

Dining in the sea, Image Source: Instagram

Sweet tooth

She clearly enjoys sweets. Her social media updates attest to that. She loves desserts of all types, but her personal fave is chocolate. Whenever the climatic temperature drops down, she keeps indulging in hot chocolate. She particularly likes gulab jamun, mawa, and jalebi with rabdi, among Indian sweets. Her favourite dish of all time is panna cotta. In July this year, she posted a picture of a softie, saying it has her heart. 

Pooja enjoying a softie, Image Source: Instagram

She avoids

She tries to be mindful of her food choices and consciously stays away from junk food, especially deep-fried snacks and burgers. The same goes for processed food. She makes efforts to say no to sweets but, quite often, fails to resist her temptation.

Culinary skills

Pooja setting table on her mother's birthday, Image Source: Instagram

Pooja says she has the culinary prowess to prepare continental food, pasta, fish fares and pesto zoodles. Eggs are something she likes to go experimental with and succeeds too.