5 Creative Recipes With Sabudana For Midnight Cravings
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In India, sabudana is a revered food for fasting because of its high carbohydrate content that provides energy to the body and keeps you full for long. According to Ayurveda, sabudana is considered to have cooling properties that balances pitta dosha. Pitta is the energy of fire, water, digestion and transformation. When pitta is out of balance, the body tends to eat more and develop digestive problems like upset stomachs, heartburn and diarrhoea.

If you have a bad habit of eating late at night or get woken up by hunger, sabudana can be a perfect solution for you. Along with being extremely healthy, sabudana is also deliciously versatile and can be made into several amazing recipes in no time.

Even though you are not much into cooking, making sabudana is extremely easy. The best part of cooking with sabudana is you don't need to boil the pearls before it's ready to cook. Just soaking it in a little bit of water for an hour will do the job. Once the sabudana gets tender, you can use it to make any recipe you want.

From the classic tempered khichdi to some funky fritters, know what you can make with sabudana to satisfy your late night hunger.

1) Sabudana Khichadi

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Make an easy sabudana khichadi by frying tender sabudana pearls in a sauteed mixture of tender potatoes, tomatoes, cumin seeds, chopped chillies, ground roasted peanuts and salt. If you are making a casual no-fast version, feel free to add some more spices to it. Also you can add vegetables like carrot, bell pepper and cucumbers to bring more flavour and texture.

2) Sabudana Fritters

Sabudana fritters are a different version of sabudana vada where soaked sabudana is mixed with grated raw potatoes, mild spices, ground roasted peanuts, chopped chillies, sabudana flour, salt and water. Altogether it forms a slightly runny batter which is poured on a non-stick pan in small circles and fried crisp from both sides. Grated potatoes bring the feel of hash browns to the fritters and the flour holds everything together. Plus sabudana provides a comforting taste.

3) Sabudana Vada

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The classic sabudana vada is made by combining soaked sabudana pearls with boiled potatoes, ground peanuts, salt, coriander powder, jeera powder, cumin seeds, and chopped chillies. After forming a dough-like sticky mixture, it is shaped into small flat tikkis and fried until crispy. To make it oil free, you can go for air frying or baking method and eat this delicious snack guilt free.

4) Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana thalipeeth is made from the same mixture as sabudana vada, but it's in the shape of small pancakes. To make sabudana thalipeeth, the mixture is placed in a greased plastic film and flattened with hands or rolling pin. This flattened dough is then fried on a pan from both sides until crispy. You can eat this thalipeeth for dinner or late night snack and pair it with Greek yoghurt or chutney.

5) Sabudana Potato Balls

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Sabudana potato balls are made from a fine mixture of potato and sabudana. For the recipe, soaked sabudana is grinded to a fine mixture and mixed with mashed potatoes, mild spices, salt, coriander, finely ground peanuts and cumin seeds. The mixture is combined to form a smooth dough and is divided into small balls, then fried or baked until crispy. After trying this recipe, it's going to be a staple of your kitchen.