Halwa To Raita, 7 Incredible Gajar Dishes To Try
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The multi-purpose root vegetable gajar, or carrot, has a crisp texture, a pleasantly sweet flavour, and a number of health advantages. Although carrots are accessible all year long, the finer cultivars are only available in the autumn and winter months. As a result, when stunning, colourful carrots flood the market in the winter, several carrot recipes are perennial favourites in India. 

Gajar can be consumed raw in salads, raw in juice, cooked in dal, cooked in rice, soups, desserts and infant food, among other ways. Gajar can even be used in cakes, puddings, jams, and other baked goods due to its sweet flavour. We have compiled some amazing gajar recipes for you to try along with the star of the show, Gajar ka Halwa.

Gajar Halwa: 

Rich, creamy and delectable gajar ka halwa, also referred to as gajrela, is an Indian carrot pudding. Carrots are cooked with milk, sugar, and ghee to make it. topped with ground cardamom, which gives the pudding a lovely aroma and flavour. You can have gajar ka halwa plain or warm with a scoop of ice cream and a sprinkle of slivered pistachios. It is a delightful experience. 

Aloo Gajar Matar:

A quick and delicious dish that you can make for your routine lunch or dinner. Additionally, you can pack it in your lunchbox. In this, common spices are used to prepare and cook tomato puree. Serve the sabzi with boondi raita and phulka. 

Gajar Paratha: 

Gajar ka paratha is a straightforward Indian flatbread that is scrumptious and wholesome. Grated carrots combined with whole wheat flour, cumin seed powder, chopped green chilli, and chopped green coriander are all added to create a soft dough that is rolled out into hot parathas. Perfect dish for a child's lunchbox or breakfast. 

Gajar Chawal:

This gently spiced carrot rice is excellent. This mild dish is incredibly simple to create because it is made with cooked rice, grated carrots, herbs, and spices. Do you have any leftover carrots and rice? Why not try this filling, hearty carrot rice recipe, which is simple to alter to the ingredients you have on hand. 

Gajar Barfi: 

If you want a unique dessert, carrot barfi is the best choice. Carrots are so tasty that both adults and kids adore it, and it is easy to make at home. 

Heavy cream, condensed milk, khoya, carrots, and heavy cream are the ingredients of this gajar barfi.

Carrot Tomato Soup: 

The entire family will enjoy this straightforward and healthy carrot soup, especially the young ones. The perfect amount of flavour is present in this soup, which also has a bit of sweetness from the carrots and acidity from the tomatoes. 

Serve with handmade bread croutons. Additionally, you can serve with focaccia, toasted bread, or both. 

Gajar Raita: 

Gajar ka raita is a popular side dish in India that is made with grated carrots, fresh yoghurt, and a few spices. It comes together quickly and pairs beautifully with any Indian food. It has a nice texture from the grated carrots, and the many spices give it a lovely flavour.