Halloween Themed Drinks To Impress Your Party Guests

Halloween is the ideal opportunity to overindulge. Some people perceive this as indulging in sweet foods, others as embracing their sense of humour through decorations and costumes, and yet others as thinking outside the box with outrageous beverages. However, there is no justification for sidelining eerie drinks to individuals seeking a mild buzz. If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, you probably already have a mind checklist going: buy sweets for Halloween, make frightening cupcakes for Halloween, prepare costumes for Halloween, hang decorations for Halloween around the home. However, drinks are a need for every gathering. The ghosts, goblins, and witches in your house will love these Halloween cocktails. Additionally, many of them can be quickly prepared as delectable cocktails. In addition, even though many of these Halloween beverages are already frightful, you can amp them up by using decorative glasses or skeleton drink stirrers.  


By - The Chatter House 


White rum: 45 ML 

Campari: 15 ML 

Lime juice: 15 ML 

Passion fruit: 20 ML 

Fresh pineapple juice: 60 ML 


In a cocktail shaker add white rum and campari, give it a nice shake. To this add lime juice, passion fruit and pineapple juice and top it with halloween props.  


By - Ivoryy  

Mohammed Anas Qureshi, Brand Head at Ivoryy 


Lychees - 425gm 

Cocktail cherries - 225gm 

Blueberry juice - 1 ltr 

Cranberry juice - 1 ltr 

Sparkling Juice - 1 ltr 

Powder free hand gloves - 2 pair 

Raisins - 15 

Method:  Rinse the disposable gloves and fill each with water. Tie the knot top of each and let it freeze overnight. 

Drain the lychees and cocktail cherries from cans, reserve the juices in a jug. Push a raisin into one end of each cherry, then push the cherries into the lychees to make eyeballs. 

tip all the juices plus reserved juices also into a large bowl with the eyeballs. Carefully peel the gloves from the ice hands, add to the punch, then top up with the sparkling water.