Halloween 2023: Best Ways To Use Syringe Cocktails
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Go the extra mile this Halloween with fun syringe cocktails at your house party. They’re not just fun but also really creative and can be used in different ways. Party syringes are food-grade syringes that come in custom sizes and have safe lid caps to avoid spillage. 

Jello shot syringes or drinks like Bloody Maria can be consumed directly from the syringes. But a more fun of using the syringes is to use them for vampire cocktails or infused toddies and mimosas where the syringe can release a coloured element into your drinks. If you’re already looking up recipes to try out this trend, make a note of these details first: 

They're Best Used For Syrups Or The Base Alcohol 

The idea of adding a syringe is designed to either monitor the sugar content or the alcohol in the drinks. You can fill your syringes with a sweet component like Grenadine or Aperol and leave it in the cocktail glass. Or you can fill them with vodka in a vodka cranberry drink, so the person drinking it can decide the ratio of alcohol they want. 

They can push the syringe if they want more sugar or more booze released into the drink. It's best to not use the syringes for something like a tonic or an orange juice since they are used for building the drinks. If you're doing booze-filled syringes, it's easier to use them for shots. To take the shot, the drinker shoots the syringe directly into their mouth and then chases it with the soda. Or, the shot can be injected into a glass of soda. 

Get Creative With Mini Syringes 

Use smaller syringes to add a few drops of bitters, a tincture, olive oil or even some seasoning, to the drinks. You can also use the syringe for sphered boozy and stirred cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Negroni where the tool would be used to inject the liquid inside a partially frozen ice sphere. 

Refrigerate The Syringes 

Make sure to refrigerate the syringes for at least 3 hours before a party or for 1-2 days if possible. Freezing syringes can mess with the consistency of the syrups; the best thing to do would be to seal the tips and refrigerate it so their opening wouldn't be compromised 

Don't use it with dry ice 

Dry ice smokes quite a bit and there's no point in using syringes in a drink that's already a spectacle. Even with other drinks that are sizzling or smoking, don't use the syringe to hold liquor; instead, use them for tonics or juices. 

Be Mindful Of Ratios 

The syringes that are designed for parties will typically hold between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 ounces and they usually have lid caps so you can fill them before the party. If you want to make traditional jello shots, don’t be tempted to add more vodka, or you will end up with liquid jello. Two-ounce jello shots are pretty typical, so go for the 60 ml (2-ounce) plastic syringes and 45 ml (1 ½ ounce) syringes if you need smaller options. 

Use Syringes For Colour Changing Drinks 

Syringes are great for infusions and for cocktails that change colour, be it Kiwi mermaid juleps or the popular blue pea flower teas. These drinks usually use colour-changing gins but if you don't have access to that just go for butterfly pea blossom powder. Use the syringe to add a house-made tonic made with lemon juice and elderflower, which reacts with the butterfly pea blossom powder to change the drink’s colour from lavender to pink.