Haldi To Laung: 6 Spices That Are Good For Diabetes

Indian cooking is different and recognized all across the globe. This could be because of many reasons including its distinctive cooking method as well as the plethora of Indian spices used. And if you know even a little of Indian spices, you must know that these spices are much more than just adding up to the flavour and aroma. Every single spice stocked up in an Indian kitchen is power packed with numerous benefits. And this piece is dedicated to Indian spices that can battle diabetes. 

These days, many people have been diagnosed with diabetes. And it is believed that the only way to deal with it is to stick to the prescribed medications, doing exercises and changing the lifestyle. All this is true but there are some magical spices and herbs in Indian kitchen too that could give miraculous results. While all the spices have some or the other health benefit, there are a few spices that can manage blood sugar levels. Wanna know more about it? Here you go! 

Video credits: Fitterfly/Youtube

Here is the list of 6 spices that are good for diabetes. 


Turmeric or Haldi is known for its medicinal properties. It has anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties which is ideal for boosting immunity and promoting healthy skin. As per Fitterfly Wellness and DTx, turmeric improves insulin resistance, decreases blood glucose and insulin levels.  


Rai or mustard seeds are a common ingredient in everyday cooking. According to Fitterfly Wellness and DTx, mustard seeds reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It can manage blood sugar levels and even promotes quick wound healing. Mustard seeds are also known for inducing better sleep. 

Methi Dana 

Methi dana is commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine and known for its ample health benefits. Fenugreek seeds are power packed with fiber and can efficiently control blood sugar levels. They could also be helpful in keeping a check on cholesterol levels in the body. 


Also known as cloves, this spice is quite underrated but very beneficial. It is power packed with anti-inflammatory properties which can efficiently manage blood sugar levels. Cloves are also packed with germicidal properties which makes it beneficial for the health. It can promote insulin and can keep a check on blood sugar level.  


Dalchini or cinnamon can efficiently fight infections and can even reduce tissue damage. It also reduces cholesterol levels in the body. It can improve insulin sensitivity and HDL. It can also promote weight loss and can rediuce menstrual cramps. 


Elaichi or cardamom is known for adding a vibrant flavours to so many dishes, teas as well as desserts. Apart from their taste and aroma, it can be an efficient remedy for cough and cold. Besides, it can aid weight loss and helps in treating constipation, indigestion as well as high blood pressure. Cardamoms have such properties that can keep blood sugar levels in check. 

If you are a diabetic, include these spices in your diet and see the magic!