Gur Chana: Unlocking Wellness With Jaggery And Chickpeas
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Gur chana, a traditional Indian favourite, combines roasted chickpeas and jaggery to create a delightful snack. This intriguing combination of jaggery and chana dal was once a common morning meal in various Indian households. Gur chana boasts a multitude of benefits, including weight management, enhanced digestion, and promoting vibrant skin.

Chana dal, a legume from the Fabaceae family, is a protein-rich source that also provides essential vitamins and fibre, supporting digestive health. Meanwhile, gur, a non-centrifugal cane sugar, comes in shades ranging from golden brown to dark brown. It's rich in iron and potassium, making it a popular substitute for refined sugar in traditional Indian sweets. This nutritious combination offers numerous health benefits, including immunity enhancement and dental health support.

They offer a better energy source than fried snacks and are an ideal pre-or post-workout snack, with calcium from chickpeas and iron from jaggery protecting against anaemia and weakness for overall well-being.

Here are some reasons to include gur and chana in your diet:

Immunity Booster:

According to Healthy Treat, antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium that are abundant in Gur Chana work together to reduce free-radical damage and increase resistance to infections. Jaggery also aids in raising the blood's overall haemoglobin count.

Enhances Skin:

Healthy skin and hair reflect overall well-being. Gur chana combines gur (jaggery), which is a natural source of quick energy, with chana (chickpeas), rich in protein and essential amino acids. This combination replenishes energy, aids in muscle recovery, and offers a balanced mix of nutrients, making it an ideal choice for refuelling after exercise.

Aids In Muscle Building:

Not only is gur chana a superfood due to its high protein content, but chana is also crucial for vegetarians to consume more of, as per Healthy Master. Gur chana not only makes your muscles stronger, but it also aids in illness prevention. It is a potent food source that is rich in minerals, dietary fibre, protein, and carbs.

Promotes Weight Loss:

The Standard Cold Pressed Oil states that this will solve your problems if you're seeking to lose extra weight. When taken together, jaggery and chana boost your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight and prevent weight disorders. Jaggery is excellent as a tool for weight loss because it contains a lot of potassium, a mineral that aids in maintaining the body's electrolyte balance.

Improves Digestion:

The healthy bacteria in your stomach are fed by the fibre in chana, which, among other things, can boost your overall health, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion, according to Boyo.

Memory Enhancement:

In order to improve memory, vitamin B6 is essential. The use of chana and jaggery together increases your brain's efficiency and is high in vitamin B6. Additionally, it aids in the production of the hormones norepinephrine, which eases stress, and serotonin, which controls mood, as per EastroHelp.

Strengthens Bones:

It is said that consuming chana with jaggery helps to strengthen bones. It is rich in potassium and calcium, both of which are good for bones. Chana and jaggery are beneficial for maintaining strong bones.