Gulgule To Chainsoo: Famous Monsoon Street Foods Of Uttarakhand
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Popularly known as Dev Bhumi, Uttarakhand is blessed by divine energy as it is extremely breathtaking and enthralling. What makes Uttarakhand so unique and different from any other location in India is not just its terrain but also the culture of the people. As the temperature generally remains quite low in Uttarakhand, people resort to using the natural flora to cook different types of dishes and keep themselves warm. The monsoons in Uttarakhand are a bit more vigorous than in other parts of India. 

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However, the people of Uttarakhand like to take this change in season with the best spirits and cook a lot of delicious local food. Here are some delectable dishes from Uttarakhand that one must surely try during the monsoon season.

* Garhwali Kachmauli 

Garhwali kachmauli is a savoury snack from Uttarakhand that is made from a mixture of lentils, mashed potatoes, and a concoction of different spices. The kachmauli word is used to signify the presence of mashed potatoes in the dish. All these ingredients are mixed to make small balls that are deep-fried until they become crispy and enjoyable. After being deep-fried, they're allowed to rest for some time before being served with a tangy tamarind chutney. Every state in India has one or the other monsoon special deep-fried snack. This kachmauli that is cooked majorly among the Garhwali community is Uttarakhand's way of welcoming the monsoon.

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* Gulgula

Gulgula is Uttarakhand's version of doughnuts that are enjoyed throughout the year. However, the joy of eating these delectable doughnuts is a lot more special during monsoon. It is a very famous monsoon delight in the hills and these doughnut-like sweets are made from wheat flour, jaggery, cardamom, and some aromatic herbs and spices. The presence of fennel seeds also makes these doughnuts taste good. Most people like to have gulgula when it is properly warm, moist, and fresh.

* Kaapa

Kappa is a dish in Uttarakhand that is made from spinach. Conventionally it is enjoyed with some fresh boiled rice on the side and lots of vegetables in the form of salad. This is also a popular recipe from the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand. Spinach is a very healthy vegetable and is specifically beneficial during the summer season when a person becomes more vulnerable to seasonal infections. One may also add different types of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, and even paneer in kaapa to make it more appetising and enjoyable. The dish is very light for the stomach and easy to digest.

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* Aloo Ke Gutke

Aloo ke gutke is a very famous street food from Uttarakhand that one will find being sold on the street side quite often. It has a very bold flavour of multiple spices, especially red chilli powder. Cubicle pieces of potatoes are cooked in a medley of spices that create a very tantalising snack which is widely consumed during the monsoon season in Uttarakhand. People also like to have it with some flatbreads in the form of a sabzi. The best part about this snack is that it gets prepared within no time and is extremely delightful. 

* Kafuli 

Kafuli is a rich and very nutritious curry from Uttarakhand that is made by using regional green vegetables, such as spinach, fenugreek leaves, and any other vegetable that might be available locally. It is an amalgamation of green leafy vegetables and some basic spices to create a very harmonious and thick curry that has powerful flavours. This dish is generally enjoyed with some steamed white rice on the side. Kafuli is a testament to Uttarakhand’s people towards using local vegetables and inculcating greens in their everyday diet.

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* Jhangora Ki Kheer

Jhangora ki kheer is a sweet tribute to the monsoon in Uttarakhand. This kheer is made from barnyard millet instead of rice. This creamy and very indulgent dessert captures the very essence of monsoon in the hills. It is made by taking barnyard millet and soaking it in water overnight. The next day these millets are boiled in some milk. For sweetness, people like to add jaggery and lots of dry fruits. One can add some powdered cashews to make the texture of this kheer a lot more creamy and thick. The dessert is highly scrumptious and also very healthy.

* Chainsoo

Chainsoo is a curry that is made from black gram and a lot of spices. It is extremely popular in Uttarakhand during the monsoon season because it is a harmonious blend of flavour and health. It is made by first taking the black gram dal and then soaking it in water overnight. The next day the black gram dal is blended with some aromatic spices and vegetables to make a very satisfying lentil curry that can be enjoyed with both roti and rice.