Gulab Shakri: The Pride Of Jaipur Sweets

Nothing compares to exploring incredible tourist attractions and discovering local handicraft in the magnificent city of Rajasthan. Due to the rigours of a desert area, a harsh climate, and a war-torn past, Rajasthani cuisine captures the spirit of resilience and inventiveness of people in the face of hardship. The mouthwatering sweet treats, which boast of their royal tradition and culture, always guarantee providing wonderful dining experiences. The majority of Rajasthani sweets include desi ghee and milk, which gives them a rich flavour. Gulab shakri is a dessert that is particularly popular in Jaipur. 

Traditional Rajasthani dessert called Gulab Sakri is made using mawa (condensed milk solids). A delicate, heady scent is added by mixing in saffron, cardamom, and rose water. we have a quick and simple recipe that works well for holiday celebrations because it can be prepared in advance and put up in individual serving bowls. The sugar syrup must be cooked to a three-thread (hard ball) stage, which is the sole challenging step. 


125 g sugar  

¼ cup water 

Few strands of saffron 

400 g unsweetened mawa/khoya (condensed milk solids), crumbled 

1 tsp ground green cardamom 

2 tbsp rose water (optional) 

3 tbsp chopped pistachios/almonds 

1 tbsp dried rose petals (optional) 


Turn off the heat and stir the mixture until it thickens and begins to pull away from the edges of the pan. Then, transfer it to a serving dish that can withstand heat. 

Over low heat, combine the sugar, water, and saffron in a heavy-bottomed (ideally nonstick) pan. The syrup should be stirred until the sugar dissolves and it begins to foam. Continue stirring the syrup until it reaches the three-thread, or hard ball, stage (drop a small amount of syrup into a bowl of ice water and form a ball with your fingers). The syrup is ready if the ball is sticky but maintains its shape. 

With a spatula, mash up the large bits of the crumbled khoya before adding it. The khoya must melt, so keep stirring. Include 2 tbsp of the chopped almonds, the ground cardamom, and rose water (if using). 

Add the leftover nuts and dried rose petals as a garnish. The dish should be covered with a mesh covering and set aside for a few hours to set. Keep covered in the fridge. 

Serve next day for enhanced flavours.