Gulab Jamun Lovers, Tried Kasauli's Popular Bun Gulab Jamun?
Image Credit: Instagram/theseekercouple

We Indians have a special corner in our heart for desserts. There are a few desserts that have been ruling our hearts for ages and gulab jamun is one of them. These sinful small fried balls are ubiquitous in India and loved by a lot of people. Did you know about how this popular sweet came to being? Well, if some food legends are to be believed, gulab jamun was accidentally created by a royal chef of Shah Jahan’s kitchen. 

Some other legends claim that Gulab Jamun's origin is similar to the popular Arabic dessert “luqmat al qadi”, made up of deep-fried dough balls dipped in honey with sugar on the top. Did you know that gulab jamun is like Persian bamieh and the Turkish tulumba? It is possible that these desserts might have inspired the Mughal cooks. Since years, Gulab Jamun has managed to rule the hearts of people and the best part? It is available at almost every sweet shop throughout India.  

Video credits: The Jolly Kapoor's/YouTube

You may have had gulab jamun several times, but did you ever get a chance to try the famous bun gulab jamun from Kasauli? Gulab jamuns slid in between buns and cooked till perfection! Amazing, isn’t it? Indeed, there is something special about Kasauli. But this piece is dedicated to a special Gulab Jamun variety available at Narinder Sweets, Heritage Street Kasauli. For around 47 years, this place has been selling this iconic delight. A pair of buns slathered over with chashni and fresh gulab jamuns slid in between, this popular dessert/snack is too delicious to handle. 

                        Image credits: Instagram/theseekercouple

In a recent post shared by popular food blogger Gurpreet Singh Tikku, he was seen relishing this iconic sweet. In his post, Gurpreet Singh Tikku shared some amazing facts about the dish including one which amazed us the most. He wrote that author Late Khushwant Singh had a Bungalow nearby where he spent his summers. In one of his articles, he had expressed how delicious these bun gulab jamuns from Narendra Sweets are!  I know that not every fusion tastes good, but this is surely going to win your heart. 

Have you tried these bun gulab jamuns before? Do let us know!