Ever Tried The Special "Bam Kachori" From Indore?

Visit different countries and try different street foods but believe me, there is nothing that can match the taste of Indian street food. Right from our beloved golgappa to crunchy aloo tikki, from crispy samosas to sugar laden jalebis, there are dishes that have been ruling the hearts of Indian since ages. Every single dish is loaded with flavours and best part, they are available at every nook and corner of the city. This piece is dedicated to yet another popular and scrumptious street food, kachori

You may have had different types of kachoris, but did you ever get a chance to try “Bam Kachori”. This special kachori from Indore has become a latest internet sensation and of course, not just because of its taste but majorly because of its unique name. If you think that this kachori is going to explode, you are not entirely wrong as this small kachori can do an explosion of flavours in your mouth. But why is this kachori named so? Here’s why!

Video credits: Dilsefoodie Official/YouTube

A lot of people, especially those from Indore, start drooling on hearing the name “Bam Kachori”. Prasidh sweet’s Bam Kachori has remained the first choice of people for decades. And the recipe runs in the family. It is believed that in the 60s, Badrilal along with his wife Bhanwaribai, started making kachoris at home and Badrilal used to sell the kachoris on a bicycle. Badri used to shout ‘bam’ to attract the attention of the people and with no time, the kachori gained popularity as “Bam Kachori”. This legacy continues even today. 

Another specialty of this kachori is that it is made on Sigdi unlike many other places. At the very beginning, this kachori was sold for 10 paise and today, its price ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 15 per piece. Prepared with a masala of malvi red chili, gram flour, dal and home-made garam masala, these kachoris are special due to many reasons. Not just a tempting masala, it also has love and affection that has tied people together for ages.  

Have you tried this Bam Kachori before? Do share your experience!