Gujarati Green Garlic Culinary Fares Mark The Arrival Of Winter
Image Credit: Surti Undhiyu, brijpandyaa@Instagram

The vegetable markets across most Asian regions fill with a verdant green hue with the onset of winter. One among them is green garlic which is immature garlic collected before the cloves have fully grown. Green garlic also referred to as garlic chives, gives a subtle garlicky flavour as opposed to the stinging zest that mature garlic produces. Akin to many Asian countries, different parts of India use it in native culinary fares. It might be news to many that Gujarat is among the top takers of green garlic, and an array of Gujarati dishes are made with it. 

Lilva nu bhaat

Delicious papdi lilva nu bhaat, Image Source:  myvegetarianroots

This hearty recipe is flavorful and simple to prepare. It is unquestionably an exceptional dish due to the fresh veggies, vibrant green colour, and distinctive spicy, garlicky flavour. Lilva Nu Bhaat involves cooking rice with fresh seasonal veggies and regional spices. This is a seasonal dish since, during the winter months, veggies like papdi and fresh green garlic are commonly accessible close to the South Gujarat coastline, including the regions of Surat, Navsari, and Valsad. In the winter, Gujarat region residents often eat Surti Lilva, papdi vaal, or green flat beans. This dish is seasoned with green garlic or lila lasan, both of which were readily accessible at the time.

Lasaniya rotla

Lasaniya rotla, Image Source: Saas Bahu Rasoi@Youtube

In the Gujarati region of Kathiyawad, lasaniya rotla is a popular dish. This flatbread is prepared from bajra or pearl millet flour and has distinctive green garlic flavours. Due to the easy availability of green garlic in the winter, this classic Kathiawadi recipe is frequently made. When these bajra rotlas are being cooked on a tavdi or earthen pan, they smell amazing. Enjoy this healthy dish for breakfast with a cup of tea or, for the best results, with ghee and jaggery.

Lila Lasan nu chutney 

Green garlic chutney recipe in the Gujarati flavour is something everyone relishes during the year's colder months. It is a nutritious, tasty dish that goes well with various snacks or a main entrée.

Lila Lasan nu kachu

Lila lasan kachu, Image Source: 1441recipes@Instagram

A well-known dish from the Gujarati city of Surat is lila lasan nu kachu. Green garlic, mashed potatoes, mala, and common spices are used to make it. This creamy, rich, decadent, garlicky mashed potato dish is still a lesser-known winter staple for the rest of the country. It is commonly given as a side dish with Kheera puri.

Surti undhiyu

Undhiyu, Image Source: vdfoodphotography@Instagram

Gujarati mixed vegetable dish called "undhiyu" is a Surat speciality. The word "undhu" in Gujarati, which means upside down, is where the name originates. The meal is usually prepared by cooking it underground, upside down, in earthen pots called "matlu," which are then heated from above. It is another Gujrati dish with substantial amounts of green garlic during winter.