Green Garlic, The Winter Herb To Flavour Culinary Fares
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Winter has different ways to convey that it's here. Of course, the first one is our skin feels the chill in the atmospheric temperature. Next is for our eyes to observe the signs. We aren't just talking about fog and snow. Make a trip to the vegetable and fruit market, and you can find its presence. Winter has officially arrived if you see this green garlic at the bazaar! Although we commonly use garlic as a condiment, this particular kind is an immature garlic plant that is usually harvested with a premature bulb. Green garlic features leafy stems with an immature garlic bulb, much like spring onions.

Indian identity

In India, it goes by different names in different regions. But what is common is its culinary usage during the colder months of the year. Hara lahsun is the Hindi name for green garlic. Lila lasan is the Gujarati name for green garlic. Sindhi call green garlic saai thoom. Hirve lehsun is Marathi for green garlic.

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Seasonal produce with culinary use

It is necessary to relish this seasonal produce since green garlic is harvested for a short period of time. When it comes to using this leafy vegetable as a cooking element, it is very adaptable. Green garlic is frequently cooked without the fibrous roots, skin on the bulb, or lower stem. As the recipe requires, white bulbs, lower stalk, and green leaves are also utilised separately. Many soups and stir-fries contain it and are also often used as a topping or garnish. 

Maroi nakuppi bora, Image Source: _foodairy__@Instagram

You may prepare this tasty and seasonal herb in a plethora of ways. Maroi nakuppi bora, kaju lasan nu shaak, lasooni bajra, and kadhi, or curd stew with millet and green garlic, are a few Indian delicacies that are prepared with it. Jadoh jyllang, a Khasi cuisine, or thoom ware chawar, a Sindhi dish, are two examples of rice meals you can make. Another nourishing dish is hare lassan ki khichdi or the Gujarati winter treat lilva no bhaat.

Milder flavour yet rich in health benefits

Because green garlic has a milder flavour than typical garlic, it is frequently ingested. It lacks much spice but nonetheless contains many of the same nutrients as garlic. Green garlic contains allicin, the main component of garlic that has excellent antioxidant qualities. In case you were unaware, green garlic boasts a host of remarkable health advantages, including the capacity to boost defences, safeguard the heart and blood vessels, aid digestion, and prevent cancer.