Gujarat Day 2024: 7 Easy Gujarati Recipes For Late-Night Dinner
Image Credit: Gujarati Thepla with Aloo ki Sabji | Freepik

One thing that separates Gujarati cuisine from all the cuisines of India is the perfect balance of salty, spicy and sweet flavours. The hint of sweetness comes from the addition of sugar and it is included to nullify the effects of salty water in the coastal region. While celebrating the regional flavours and produce, Gujaratis are known for using every available resource to its fullest and are commended all over India for crafting such delicious recipes without the use of onion and garlic.

On Gujarat Day, marking the foundation of the state of Gujarat, it is a perfect reason to get together with the family, share good food and spend some memorable moments together. Celebrate the cultural richness and patriotic spirit that define Gujarat, indulge in some of the best Gujarati recipes and enjoy some folk dance and state-level festivities.

If you haven't planned anything yet about what to serve for the party, here are the top seven easy and delicious Gujarati recipes that you can try for a late-night dinner.

7 Gujarati Recipes For Late-Night Dinner Parties

1) Gujarati Thepla With Aloo Ki Sabzi

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Gujarati thepla with aloo ki sabzi is one of the simplest recipes you can try for a late-night dinner. For theplas, you only have to mix wheat flour, besan, spices, salt and yoghurt into dough, then roll it out and cook on a griddle. For aloo ki sabzi, use coarsely mashed potatoes and cook them with spices like red chillies, cumin, coriander powder, turmeric, and salt. Serve both dishes together for a delicious meal.

2) Methi Muthiya Gravy With Puri

Methi muthiya is not just a teatime snack; it can be simmered into a flavourful gravy and enjoyed with some piping hot puris. You just have to make muthiyas, prepare a thick gravy with tomato puree, spices, and a touch of sweetness from sugar and simmer it with cooked muthiyas.

3) Undhiyu With Puri And Shrikhand

Undhiyu is a widely popular vegetable dish in Gujarat, made with mixed vegetables like sweet potatoes, hyacinth beans, greens, groundnuts, eggplant and more. It has a savoury taste and a creamy base. This dish is popularly served with puri and shrikhand on the side, especially during the Uttarayan festival. For an easy one-pot casserole recipe, undhiyu can be a perfect option.

4) Gujarati Khichdi

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Gujarati Khichdi is a delicious instant pot recipe loaded with vegetables and decadent rice. From adults to kids, this recipe is perfect for everyone and soothes the stomach with nutritious goodness. The khichdi has a creamy and mushy texture, and when topped with melted ghee, it gets a rich flavour.

5) Dhokla

When it comes to starters in Gujarati cuisine, the name of dhokla pops up first. In addition to being the most popular Gujarati snack all over India, it is also extremely easy to make at home from scratch. Dhokla is made from besan ka atta, spices, fruit salt, baking soda and more. And the entire recipe comes together in 15–20 minutes. This dish is often served with coriander-mint chutney.

6) Gujarati Kadhi

The joy of Gujarati food is incomplete without Gujarati kadhi. Adding a delightful kick with savoury notes and mild sweetness, Gujarathi kadhi brings a new dimension of flavour to the dinner. With soft and mushy pakoras added to the gravy, the kadhi gets a delightful and satisfying bite.

7) Murghanu Shaak

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While Gujaratis are famously known for being largely vegetarian, there are recipes like Murghanu Shaak that are enjoyed widely by many families in the state. This recipe features tender chicken marinated in a yoghurt-based marinade and cooked in a gravy with onions, garlic, green chillies and potatoes. If you have non-vegetarian guests at the party, this recipe is a delicious way to please them.

Gujarati cuisine stretches from strict vegetarian dishes to rich non-vegetarian ones too. This Gujarat Day, celebrate the vastness of Gujarati cuisines by making these dishes for the party table.